The Energy Of Money And Love

The Energy Of Money And Love
By Bart Sharp author of “Magic Speaks”

energy of money
energy of money

The concept embraced by many is the energy of money is very real. It is true and we see ourselves in relation to money being an energy we began to perceive money in more abstract concepts. It goes beyond a life that earns money through work, effort and time spent doing so. With the concept of energy of money we see how it is created in more abstract ideas. Our energetic being and the attitudes we have create how we attract and have money. It takes us to the concept of “How we embody the energy of love has many parallels with how we have money.”

One of the most important components with limiting attitudes with money is how we relate to fear. Probably the greatest fear all people contend with is the fear we are running out of time (applying to examples such as: our opportunity has passed us by, we missed the boat). This also is a core that relates to running out of resources. Of course, when we began to relate to fear with love we see how we are complete and whole, we will always have enough time and resources in our life because love functions from the whole point of view where fear comes from a different point of view.

This takes us to the classic stories of the person who gains much wealth and seems to be addicted to accumulating riches, there seems to be no end to their desire. They are trying to fill a void through an energy outside of themselves they cannot be filled by something physical or material. It can be felt by the invisible energies of love, gratitude or joy. The main purpose of money is to give us freedom to cultivate a more enriched life. For example, a nice home is created so we feel safe and comfortable, to build an atmosphere that is nurturing to ourselves. We have a space and the time to evolve to greater energy within, to love inside of ourselves. We grow the seeds inside of ourselves and we see how we need so little else. The money in the other possessions are nice but we see they do not complete us. Love makes the inner energy whole, we simply apply the love inside to creating the energy of money and it will flow as well.

When we feel whole inside of our selves it feels we have a resource within that is boundless. This internal love makes us feel that everything is complete inside of us, otherwise known as joy. So many seek this state of being by obtaining money. Money can make us feel a temporary form of security, happiness and satisfaction but is not the complete picture. When love is whole within ourselves it completes us and thus being the energy of money within is easy, it is simply one of many energies we can resonate with.

Love is simply higher internal vibration that goes beyond an intellectual idea. It is a state of being that move us to choose loving as a form of empowerment solely for ourselves. When we are in this state one of our biggest desires is to share it. Just like in the law of attraction the more we share money it seems to create more money for us. Love will attract more love, it will create a state of being that feels like everything is flourishing. The more we nurture our own self love will have an abundance of goodness within that attracts it from the outside. We feel connected to a greater whole of life that functions from loving. Having abundance and the energy of money has a form of ease as well as creativity, a connection to higher resource. Love is easy then the energy of money is easy.

We are less attached to pushing forward to making money but live in a confidence money will be there for what we wish to create.

In this form of attracting power we nurture our love of self, confront what is not loving inside us and do what it takes to transform character defects so we will feel whole about us. In this center of love we will create money in the same form of our love values. It will be created with fairness, integrity and in a world where everyone can win. The energy of money is something we all can have. Our victories are not isolated events but are connected to others so we fill our victories are part of something bigger.

Making money is not what drives us but is kind of an end result of benefits that we received from live in our life in a higher vibration. We will be moved to do things that enlighten us and create prosperity in various ways, including the energy of money. We will not be driven so much to have a definition that only millions of dollars as a sign of success but a person who is complete in themselves, joyous and creates a life beneficial to themselves and others is a better way. We have a social conscience that is always present with our individual goals.

When we create life with fear we always think about ourselves because we are functioning from the belief that there is limited time and resources to build our dreams. When we have love as our foundation we start from completeness therefore we do not build things from limitations. Life is easier and loving to our selves and it promotes the same beliefs for others. We can all have this kind of abundance and when we do believe in a greater purpose of “win/win” for all it creates a snowball effect where it prevails all around the planet, the energy of money can become a collective consciousness.

To begin, love yourself as deeply as possible and share your successes. The energy of money will be one of your many tools and benefits.
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