The Energy Of Creativity

The Energy Of Creativity
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By Bart Sharp

Creativity is all around us, the more aware we can tap into those source the more we can flourish in creative thoughts.

Sitting in an airplane, packed tightly in the business section with non-English speaking business men. What to do? I asked to connect to their energy and asked myself what would I like to write about? Within a few minutes an ideal popped into my head, I wrote ideals of how Corporations can become a more positive stewards for the planet. How corporations can change their focus to be more conscious.

Did the men in the plane affect me? Absolutely. I was able to channel their vibration into an awareness I could use constructively and made into my own language.

We can all do this. Ask for the energies to come in, be aware of the thoughts popping up and allow the messages to come through you without any judgments to them. We are simply tapping into the consciousness around us.

What awareness can I open inside me from my surroundings? Ask and the information will appear in some way, shape or form.

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