The Destructive Force Of Anger

The Destructive Force Of Anger

destructive force of anger
destructive force of anger

By Bart Sharp

The destructive force of anger can be one of the most dreaded aspects of humanity and yet it seems like it is a dominating influence through out the world. To every destructive force of anger there is a constructive way to use the anger. On the path to being more magical and conscious it is our job to see how we are attracted to the destructive force of anger to fulfill an unconscious desire that create a falser sense of safety and security.

Anger is like The Queen in chess, play it with care and respect because if you lose it you will likely lose the game. Your anger may compromise you in ways that is very difficult to recover from.

Whenever we feel that we need to use anger in a forceful or aggressive way it may be important to ask the question, “How will this affect me? How will it affect others? Will I feel more fulfilled by being the one that brings pain to another?”

These are just some questions to ask before using your anger. When thinking angry thoughts and being seduced to enacting a destructive force of anger it is good to ask questions about how it will make the other person feel. When we ask questions we start to step outside of our ego and enter into the reality of our heart. In this place we began to see balance that leads us to such things as compassion, diplomacy and listening to others.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the mind’s thoughts alone by asking questions how others would feel about our anger. The destructive force of anger will not likely be used if we ask questions because we will began to use our heart’s ability for balancing awareness instead of our mind’s desire for control over others.

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