The Creative Moment

The Creative Moment
By Bart Sharp author of “Magic Speaks”

the creative moment
the creative moment

The creative moment happens at various times in our lives. Sometimes we just have little bitty creative things and we live in that space that it shows up on a daily basis while other creative moments are path opening decisions that entirely change our lives. We may have a creative moment that leads us to change everything about us for the next 10 years or an invention that we learn to perfect that changes everything about her life. We can never predict when creativity will show up but there are things we can do that will promote it.

The most important aspect about creativity is the ability to listen and follow. We do not create the ideas from our mind so much but are stimulated from various things and when we perceive this happening are mind jumps in and leads us to action. For example, if we are working on a project it is percolating inside and then we hear or see something and the spark for a break through is ignited. Generally either something outside of us simulates the creative moment or something repressed finally finds it ways up into our present consciousness.

The big question is: When we are stimulated by a great idea do we respond?

This is an important aspect because if we brush it aside we are basically telling our greater consciousness that we are not respecting or honoring the great ideal given to us. It is always good to at least write down your ideas and hopefully put them in action. Some say the sooner you begin taking your great ideas and putting them into action something greater comes to assist us, we stimulate a spontaneity that is bigger than our individual self to assist us. Maybe it comes from our enthusiasm because of the newness of the creative moment or idea and the tornado energy it has built inside of us.

It is always good to listen within yourself when ideas appear. If they feel expansive and you feel joy igniting inside of you it is likely there something very good for you to pay attention to. The great ideas will generally expand us in some way as kind of a stimulus to take action, whether we do so or not is our decision.

It is always good to have periods of your daily life to include the type of atmosphere that stimulates creative ideas. For some people they like to be alone, while others have certain friendships that just seemed to stimulate ideas, others like to go to work and seem to be roused by other people’s energies and others seem to be energized by something like a television program that helps them see the world around them. What great creators do is recognize the environments that stimulate them and they always include that as part of their day and when the ideas pop up they record them in some form because the creative moment is very fluid and it will slip through our fingers if we are not careful. To harness magic we must find a way to hold it for those moments so we can ignite her own personal expression of the magical moment.

Always honor ideals when they happens knowing that they appear in special, random ways. The creative moment is not always about intellectual brilliance but our intellect can play a part. The creative moment is more about dipping into a magical well that is beyond knowledge but needs knowledge so those valuable insights, that break the barriers, can be understood and applied.
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