The Conscious Power Of God

The Conscious Power Of God

By Bart Sharp

Is It Unconsciousness or is it God’s will? It is really a conscious power of God that exists within us, beyond us and amongst that is our conscious power of God. When we commune with the conscious Power of God it begins inside of us and extends out as we grow in this communion with a higher power.

When unfortunate things happen people have a choice, do they say I was unaware something unconsciously guided me to make that mistake. Or two they say, “It was God’s will. I must’ve been doing something wrong and needed some form of God’s punitive intervention. Or on the other side, God has blessed me.”

This is a very important division in how we create our lives. If we choose the point of view our own unconsciousness guided us to make an error, this takes us to the direction we are self-guided to learn life’s lessons. It reinforces the concept there is a great power within us that needs to be cultivated discovered and learned how to be a better person. To learn our lessons as a path to becoming closer to ourselves and our higher power.

In the belief of God’s punishment as our guiding power comes from a perspective that we have an overseer that judges and acts upon us. God can mysteriously punish us or worked against us until we act right. It is very similar to perpetually have been a father looking over us rewarding us if we are good and punishing us if we are bad. This creates a reality that there will always be father figures we should follow or in many cases rebel against. This concept guides the individual to unconsciously always require someone to be their father figure or spiritual director. It often creates a reality that God’s way is mysterious and the answers are unknown to us therefore it is better to follow someone more qualified that knows about God such as a guru, minister or spiritual teacher. All too often dependency is created and the individual never sets out to find out what his/her personal relationship with a higher power is all about. They simply follow instead of question or contemplate what their own journey is.

Another point of view is the belief we are being unconsciously influenced by our own psychi, God can be present with us but the real lessons are internal without an external being watching us. God is an energetic presence that guides us as a vibration but does not intervene by giving us good or bad fortune. This gives us a personal motivation to learn from a variety of sources but most importantly to listen and trust our own inner voice. If we do choose to have a teacher or a father figure they are someone we do not completely follow but contemplate their message to see how it works for us.

A child follows a father because they are not mature but as an adult we have a teacher to help us move on to our next level. In this process we have to make the move on our own. When me step up to the next spiritual growth the presence of God will be with us because God supports the evolution of humankind but it is humans in their own individual journeys that affect the progress of how the evolution occurs.

Personal growth can take us to a closer relationship with a higher power because it has components of loving ourselves that resonates with what God is, a higher vibration that exist in all of us. Our personal growth guides us to get in touch with this frequency of consciousness as there are multiple levels available. If there is one common concept that ties this all together is the more we grow in our own love we will want to connect it with others, to share and contribute to the common good of the planet. This is an important concept of the conscious power of God, we all evolve together in a loving harmony.

A synchronicity of our life occurs in this vibration and things come to us. Is it God’s presence? I would say yes but not because we have been good but because we live in a higher communion with love and life itself.

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