The Access Consciousness Clearing Statement

What does the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement Mean???

The clearing statement is Access Consciousness short speak for different energies that we are asking to clear. It is where we ask the energy of the limitation to go to the point of creation of where it began and what we’re looking to unlock.

You will notice that you are different after these clearing statements. It can take up to three weeks for you to really get the result and really notice the changes.

The Clearing Statement
Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POC, POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds

Right, Wrong, Good, Bad – all of the things that make whatever it is you have aligned and agreed with or resisted and reacted to right or wrong, good or bad. Even thinking it is good holds us in a stuck position and/or cuts off our ability to be aware of any other possibility and choice we actually have available to us.

POC (Point Of Creation) – where a thought, feeling, judgment, perception, decision, behavior, projection, expectation, etc. began

POD (Point Of Destruction) – where a thought, feeling, judgment, perception, decision, behavior, projection, expectation, etc, began

All 9 stands for all 9 layers of stuff that we clear energetically.

1. Shorts – the meaning, the meaningless, the punishments, the rewards, the layers, the non-layers, the glop and the meaningless glop.
2. Boys – began as 22 nucleated spheres, and then were eventually called “the Boys in the Hood”. Over time, it was shortened to “the boys”; creates things to go in circles, endlessly
3. Beyonds – beyond belief, reality, imagination, conception, perception, rationalization, forgiveness and all the other beyonds; usually feelings and sensations, rarely emotions, and never thoughts.

Each time that you give up one of these limitations that you created at least 350,000 other people get free. It is all of the people that you know that you are connected to this lifetime and previous lifetimes that add up to a minimal of 350,000 people. They get the clearing at some level when you change. The whole planet gets lighter when you release your limitations.

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