The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

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The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

By Bart Sharp

Several years ago I worked as a teacher and had an assistant. My assistant was quite good and I really liked her as a worker. However, by 9:30 or 10:00 AM I could feel myself becoming tired and did not understand why I had such a drop in energy.

As I analyzed the situation I realized my assistant was very needy. She was sweet but needed reassurance throughout the day. She knew the job and was kind to the students so it was not the type of reassurance of doing the job right required from me. It was an energetic support. She was leaning into my strength and pulling from it.

Because my assistant lived from the point of view she was weak and needed power from another person there was an unconscious part of her that was pulling energy from me. In fact, it was draining me. Of course this does not make sense because our body consciousness self has infinite amounts of energy.

I was not recognizing that I have plenty of energy to give and was unconscious of the situation. Some unconscious part of me was allowing me to become drained. Once I recognized this I knew there were some easy solution. Every morning when the students were doing their morning routine my assistant would be sitting at her desk doing various types of paperwork while I quietly supervised the students. During these minutes I opened my heart to my assistant, without her knowing and allowed in energy to flow from me to her. I was giving her part of my infinite energy from my heart to fill her up. The flow from me to her would last for one minute or so and then it would seem to stop on its own. At that point I knew she was full.

I did this for about two weeks discovering that I was never tired through out the day after beginning the exercise. It seemed to be after some time my assistant felt secure in the work environment and was no longer energetically leaning into me. From then on I would just notice her mood, she appeared to be internally balanced I knew she was good, if she was distressed I would send her energy.

The amazing body consciousness of our heart has a concept that is infinite, meaning it has an energy flow of un-measureable proportions and it can connect with anyone. We can connect with anyone in the world and send energy their way.

In addition, we do this unconsciously for example when we have passion for another person, and may not be a romantic passion but may be inspired by another and wish to connect. Something within us opens and the energy just comes out.

The best part is we can do this by choice, we can visualize our heart chakra opening and energy or light energy coming out of it and flowing to others. The more we practice we will see it will be more of an automatic part of our life. The more that we are in a perceptual mode with others and out of the judging mode we will do this to a greater degree. However the more we are aware of it the more we can be the catalyst for something greater heart consciousness, body consciousness appearing in our world and being shared with others.

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