The Art Of Being In Creativity

The Art Of Being In Creativity

By Bart Sharp

How do we stay in the state of high creativity? How do we be in high states of creativity everyday? There are several ways we can help a high level of creativity in our lives and below are some ideals.

I was recently sharing with a friend I was working on the rough draft of a new book The Power Of The Feminine Voice and much to my surprise she commented “Why are you writing another book, your last book Magic Speaks is only six months old.”

The point of writing is not about marketing, being a success or selling lots of books but something that energizes me, the creative process. Writing is just one way creativity is expressed and currently it feels hot and exciting to write. My last book “Magic Speaks” took hundreds of hours to complete and for some this would appear to be hard work but it was really an enjoyable process to do all of the steps required in making a book.

It is a zen process where the writer most important self-attributes are openness, concentration and a enjoyment of each moment. When we are in this state the best of the person comes forth and this is why we do things like writing. The creative process can develop the best in all of us.

If we look at our whole life this way we begin to perceive whatever we do as a potentially creative and enjoyable. It is a talent in itself to discover how to open ourselves to creativity and the creative moment whether it be washing the dishes or painting a picture.

In each task we can learn to be as present inside ourselves when we do it is a key element. This is where the source of joyful creation occurs, being in touch with this essence of us in each and every moment. So naturally I am ready and chomping at the bit to write the next work because Magic Speaks was never really work. It was something I did for fun, meditation and a way to express myself creatively. To feel inside of me while in the process of creativity always feels good, I am feeding something that is innately positive. It simply feels good once you discover the visceral sensation of it.

This form of creativity is a great marketing tool as well because when I am in this open mode of transferring this joyful energy to all of what I do, those creations are energized by my enthusiasm of creativity. Magic Speaks is being bought by people I have not marketed to, the energy of the book attracts on its own. Since I am connected to this creation as well I contribute to the selling power of the book just by being in my creative mode, this is a part of my own empowerment by me feeling more alive in myself. In the opposite perspective, if I was living in a state of depression I would likely sell less books.

All of the things I create are a part of me and yet they have their own identity in a way. I instill in the creation a big part of its power but it is a life form in itself, that is why my book Magic Speaks is attracting on its own. Yet I am always contributing to its power because it is a part of me, we are inter-connected. Therefore, the fascination I have for my next book empowers my last book.

As a creator or creative person the more I make in this higher form of enthusiasm I create a growing wave of consciousness that is in the creations I made and what I am generating. As the wave grows all the of products benefit in some way. I do this in all things, whether it be with books, art pieces, meditation, spiritual tours to France, blog posts, making love with my girlfriend, shamanistic work or painting my home when I return to Austin. They all contribute because I choose to function in this kind of awareness in everything I do.

The biggest gift I receive from creativity is I grow in soul. This also contributes to something much bigger than me because as I expand in creativity I expand consciousness. This concept grows within me and contributes to the collective consciousness of the world. I help humanity evolve by fully actualizing me in my creativity. In this space in addition, the ego diminishes in this zen process and I follow the creative voice inside of me, I feel like a fuller person every moment I am on this path.
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