I just wanted to let you know what an amazing transformation has happened in my relationship with me dad and tell you thank you for all the clearings you’ve done on that relationship! I spent Thanksgiving with my dad, step mom and brothers and it was a night and day difference from last year at Thanksgiving! It was nothing less than a miracle! We got along beautifully and it wasn’t like I didn’t see the issues that used to be there- it was that there was no emotional reaction to the old issues and so everything was so peaceful and went so smoothly!!! It was amazing! Thank you so much- you are a great blessing in my life! Love to you!

It has taken a little while to really grasp how this work has effected my life. I will attempt to explain and hope to accomplish that goal.
I can start by explaining the simple, the obvious and the things that people use to measure ones life from the outside.
In 6 months I have gone from living in sub standard housing in the middle of drug dealers and child molesters to living in a normal home, with comfortable neighbors.
I have doubled my income and then some.
Mentioning where I used to live, and what type of people I used to live around is profound , not just a comparison. Have you ever been in a group of really angry people? That is what i was living in and I was comfortable.
My walls radiated hate, disgust, anger, poverty, abuse… you name it. And I walked into that situation and actually said to myself ” this is wonderful”.
I do not vibrate like that anymore.
When I pass that neighborhood now, my shoulders get upset and my body reacts. When I pass people who are very angry NOW, I am not attracted to them as I was before. I was only able to befriend, work for and associate with people who were my equal. Angry, confused, uncomfortable . They had to think as little of themselves as I did or I would not have even seen them passing on the street. Now my equals are people I used to envy. People who have love, peace and personal power. My entire life has changed. It is like putting on new skin.
The type of business I attract now is tremendous. I dont have the conventional high school diploma coupled with a college degree. I dropped out of high school.
I just went from cleaning toilets for a living to writing up photography contracts for large festivals around austin. I am about to begin a business write up for wedding photography in the ball park of 10,000 a session.
No . This is not happening over night. And no , this has not come to me with just a wave of a magic wand. You have to know that you can create your own world and this is what Bart has taught me. This is what energy clearing does.
Its the equivalent of removing your sunglasses when you walk in a building. You can now see correctly , and people can see you.
And it IS ………….-that- simple.
First, I thought I coulld listen to one of your CDs at least once a day. But the energetic reactions have proven do be very intense. Hence, one CD in ten days seems to be my rhythm…. You know, the body needs its time – and of course salt or sugar!!!


Good Morning Bart,

Wow – You do great work. In one session you did a lot. You brought understanding, relief, repair, and re-assimilated me with me. It was amazing when it was happening yesterday and it is amazing now…all that happened and is happening you brought about in one short session. Last night, my lower back released a knot, it was wonderful. Although I can release some of my own blocks, you perceived, found, and integrated energies that needed to be aligned. These seem to be beyond my recognition, who knows when I might have found them on my own. You identified them. It was easy to see how they were there. And you worked to heal, integrate, and release them. You and the service you provide are really beautiful, and I thank you for giving of yourself to make it all about me.
-Shelly Kochhar (Coach’r), MSE
Energy Coach, InnerGration

Just wanted to send you a message since it’s been a little over three weeks and I’ve had time to notice results. I’ve been asking who things belong to whenever I had a new thought (it’s harder with the pleasant ones, I’m still training myself for those). It’s been working beautifully. I’ve been really amazed at how accurately I can tell what thoughts are coming from who. I used to sit in class and get SO ANGRY for no reason, but I started asking myself whether it was mine or anyone else’s and it’s gone away. I’m still taking on other people’s stuff, of course, that takes a lot of training, but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. I’ve noticed that whenever I feel a strong emotion like anger, not only can I determine that it’s not MINE, I can also tell who it belongs to. I’ve also noticed that the things I feel and think that come from other people have gone from being fuzzy, emotional things to more concrete things (like I knew exactly what a woman was thinking the other day word for word when she was talking to me about something else.)
Anyways, I just wanted to thank you. I immediately noticed a HUGE difference, and things have been getting much better around here!


We are the parents of a 27 month old son and a 7 month old daughter. We started experiencing funny feelings in our home, and our son who just started to really talk has been telling us all the time that he is scared. There has been a few times that he would be in another room than us and say go away to someone or something, or other times when we are leaving the house he will say goodbye a few times. We really felt that there was something in our home.
One night at about 3:30 am My husband, my son and myself were in bed sleeping when something awoke us, there was some sort of force right above us and we not only saw it, we felt it. I gasped for air and my son was screaming. As quickly as we saw it , it was gone. My husband went out into the kitchen to get a bottle to calm down our son. I quickly called him back because our son was pointing at the closet and covering his eyes saying “mommy Ahh, mommy ahh” When my husband returned to the room he told me that something was there in the kitchen with him , he could feel it . There was also something in the bedroom. We don’t know if it was one or more but we were terrified. We did not go back to sleep until the sun came up .
The next day we spent the entire day at my parents home, and I had a family member come and stay the night with us so that we werent alone. The second day I felt I needed to do some research on the internet. Thats when I came across Bart Sharp. All day I could not stop thinking about him, it was almost like I felt at ease just reading everything on his site. Later that night my mother talked me into calling him.
Talking to Bart was so amazing, we got on the phone and got right down to business. He confirmed our feelings that there was something in our house. We had a very good discussion and he explained that both of my children have the *sight* and therefore they are drawing in ghosts, entities and spirits. And now that my son has speech he can communicate with them. Bart did a cleansing of my home, and reassured me that there was nothing there to harm any of us, they are just lonely and passing through to talk to my children. He told me to state and visibly display visiting hours , on this day from this time until this time, thats so the children do not become overwhelmed.
Since then , Bart and I have communicated many times by telephone and email. Since getting in touch with Bart and recieving his help, my family is moderately returning to normal. My son still has his moments where is is very scared but now that we understand more we are able to help him through it and calm him down. Barts assistance has been a true Godsend.


Hi Bart! Thank you for the Incredible healing session today. It made a giant shift in my awareness and thinking. I felt as if many old stubborn belief patterns were literally tossed out the window, allowing me to have another awakening! Thank you for the tools as well. I know they will greatly assist me as I move forward in my journey. Cheers!
Caroline Round Rock, Texas
Thanks Bart for your wonderful hospitality last night. The clearing last night was so great. I really enjoyed the overview of your book and practice exercises. Believe it or not this is something that I have to do…get in touch with that inner part of me that will have the answer for me. It is wonderful how the universe works. I put the request out there about 2 weeks ago because I had no idea how to do it and I got my answer with your book. I have already started practicing your sugesstions in the book…started with the Prayer of Saint Francis of Asissi (who happened to be my mother’s favorite saint) this morning. I will let you know how it turns out.


I am 27 years young. For the last 20 years, I have had really bad headaches almost daily. As a child, I was told that it is caused due to my vision, so I wore glasses from the second grade. Every school day will end with a headache. My mother would tell me that it was because I was hungry. My teachers would tell me that I wasn’t drinking enough water. But none of these would defend me from my debilitating headache. As I grew older, I have spent countless nights laying in bed with an ice pack over my head, unable to function. As a working professional, I have seen countless doctors for a cure. General Practitioners, Ophthalmologists, Sleep doctors, ENT Specialists, Acupuncture, Dentists, even Psychotherapists – They all gave me different reasons for my headache and numerous prescriptions later, I still had my mystery headache at the end of my work day.
All that changed after my sessions with Bart. He told him that the problem was not physical, it was emotional. Since two years old, energetically I was doing my part to help carry my parents’ burden to make ends meet. Bart was able to clear that unconscious energy that was manifesting as headaches in my life. Headache has been a big part of my life and I am so happy that I no more have to succumb to that pain.
I do still get headaches by the way. But now I am equipped to deal with them. Bart has taught me some energetic clearings that helps with removing these limitations. The best part is that I can pick up the phone and call Bart and he is always there on the other side to help. Just today I had a strong headache and used one of my ‘Call Bart’ lifeline. He was very kind, gentle and eager to help as he always is. He told me what energetically was causing the headache and cleared me. Within a few hours I was feeling better. I had my night back which I was able to enjoy that otherwise would have been very, very unpleasant.
No amount of gratitude will truly underscore how thankful I am to Bart for giving me my freedom. What Bart has done for me is truly priceless. For this I thank him, always.


I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several of Bart’s Access classes. He masterfully works his way through each group to help us release blocks that we have. They have all been wonderful experiences always leaving me with a smile and a strong sense of delightful euphoria.
But his anger class was on an entirely new level of intensity that I’ve never experienced before. It’s almost as if other sessions have dealt with symptoms while this one goes right for the heart. It’s something that everyone owes to themselves to explore. It’s a powerful, primal energy and we unconsciously waste so much of ourselves trying to trap unresolved issues deep inside which in turn only builds more anger- wasting more energy thereby creating an ever expanding, perpetuating cycle.
For me, it felt as if an infection had been cleansed letting me breathe out the negativity and feel a bit more of a vastness within. I feel that a space has opened up inside me that I can now choose to fill with something else, something more useful to me. It was a very intense course that led me to some very dark places but once through the other side has left me deeply grateful for the experience.
We all discover bridges when we’re ready to see them and then choose whether or not to cross them. I still feel that I’m only part way out on this one but I encourage you to follow. Not just because of the potential for each of us who tries to cross but also the unconscious call that we all put out to everyone else by making the attempt. Every bit of wasted energy that we reclaim, we do not only for ourselves but for everyone.
That’s the power of Access as presented to me by Bart. I know that it’s only my interesting point of view but I feel that if you take a look for yourself, you will not be disappointed.
Kevin Borders
Bart has an amazing gift to get to the core of the issue, whatever it may be. His commitment and eagerness to heal are evident in all his personal sessions, classes and life as an example to others. I recommend you invite Bart into your life so that your overdue healing can begin!


I was blessed with Bart entering my life over a year ago, at all places, a metaphysical health fair. I was drawn to Bart’s energy and delightful caring of others. At the time, I had never heard of Access or verbal processes at all. Within moments, Bart was doing processes with me, immediately I felt lighter, more focused and at peace. I knew as I arrived home that day I had discovered a fascinating new path called access.
Over the next 18 months, Bart has worked with me to uncover many blockages in my life that I have avoided since childhood. Bart has a unique talent in getting right to the core of the issue at the time of the visit. No agenda is needed, only the true willingness of the issue to be released is needed by the person brought to Bart.
Bart offers a wide tool chest of tools and processes brought to him through the creators of access that make inner healing possible. With a gift of energy sensation, Bart’s classes have always been very timely in my life. I strongly recommend Bart’s highly intuitive talents to guide you to closure on your most persistent issues.
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my gratitude for all that Bart has done for me, and to promote his work to others.


I first met Bart at a holistic fair where he had a little table in a corner. I sat down, and he asked me what issues I would like to resolve. We discussed a handful of issues – weight, job, money, parents – and then he said to me, “Did you know that you are collecting and storing anger from everyone within a five-mile radius?” We decided to work on that issue, and when I stood up, the world was a different place.
Bart used some unusual language, some verbal shorthand, that I sometimes call the “magic words.” He showed me how to use them, and several other tools, to continue to make my life easier and more fun. He also did some hands-on work on me a couple of weeks later (the Bars) which was absolutely amazing. I have been to several “clarity nights” that he does, and attended numerous classes since then.
I can say without a doubt that as Bart does more Access, he gets better at doing it. Of course, that is true for everyone who does Access, but Bart keeps getting new insights and improving on his techniques in ways unlike anyone else I have ever met. He has recently returned to a focus on anger, and it is a quantum leap from what we did the first time we met. My world was rocked the first time I worked on anger with him, so the work we’re doing now is truly phenomenal. And while anger may be the first thing that I worked on with Bart, there have been many other amazing things that we have done in other areas as well. If you have limitations, Access clears them like nothing else, and Bart does Access like no one else I have ever known.

Daniel Wallace, RMT

I am immensely grateful to have worked with Bart and the clearings he’s created on anger. He created a space for me to have total allowance and presence for whatever is happening – with no judgment or trying to make it “better”.
This allowed for such a greater space for and honoring of me without denying or resisting anything. My sensitivity for everything and everyone around me was heightened. The clearing on anger work SO fast. I didn’t even need to go into story, rather, Bart simply asks questions about anger and then allows me to acknowledge it – something I’ve resisted for a very long time. This in & of itself is transformative.
I left feeling integrated and light.


This course is amazing, sometimes subtle and sometimes -I felt it in waves of emotion– that dissapated over the session, even though after the session, I felt lighter, after it was done. I have sense that the processs’s continued to further release of these feelings afterwards. The wellspring of negative emotions feel endless when your in the middle ot them. So I can’t say there is no work on one’s part but comes from Bart and my self willing to find and release this stuff. That is what it takes to release some of the primal core feelings one has bound up– from at least this life time. This is a very big set of processes that has consciously bumped me out of my limited world. I felt much more at home in my body after it is over. Highly Recomended.
Darby Gunn

Bart has a unique ability to focus in on what is needed for each individual rather than just follow a method. My sessions with him have led me to greater clarity, happiness, and peace of mind. I would recommend his clearings to anyone interested in leaving behind their old paradigms and shifting into a new future for themselves. All I can say to you is get ready for take-off!”
Vicki Flaugher, creator of http://www.SmartWomanGuides.com

Hi Bart,

I have found Access to be a very powerful tool for expanding my consciousness and improving my life. I use it often to very easily let go of limiting beliefs and eliminate internal barriers to fulfillment. I am so grateful to have found Access!”
~Ease, Joy, and Glory,

Hey Bart,

I am a sophomore in high school and Access has changed my life completely. It has been flipped upside down and more than just myself has noticed.
Before Access, I was very judgmental of myself and I would always think, “Maybe if I do this, they’ll think higher of me.” or “What do I keep doing wrong?” I wasn’t like everyone else and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t into what was “in” and I judged myself for that too.
Now that I have Access in my life, I understand more about who I am and my infinite potentials. I have the tools to perceive, know, be and receive everything imaginable and more! I’ve been told that I “seem so lively lately” and I receive so many compliments especially right after a class or event. I personally have noticed a major boost in my self-confidence, self-esteem, self-assurance, self- everything! I also do not waste my time trying to be what I am “supposed to be” because that’s just not ease, joy and glory for me. My entire life is ease, joy and glory now, and if for some reason it is not, I’ve got the tools to fix it.
Access really is a wonderful idea. It has changed my life for the better along with many others and I can’t believe I ever got along without it!”


Hi, Bart!
It was wonderful to meet you!! I will definitely keep watch to see when I can come to an event, meeting or class soon. The treatment you gave me has helped immensely. I still have a little pain in my neck and shoulders, but I can tell it is only physiological and no longer etheric. It is such a relief!! I am using the access tools daily and I can tell that my moods are also better and more stable. I genuinely look forward to seeing you again. Until then – take care and may your life be full of ease, joy & glory!”
~With Love,

I wanted to say thank you, again. I felt so free and liberated after our session. Leaving your place, I felt so completely light and breezy. I have never experienced as much freedom as I did that night. I really felt like I was “me” for the first time in a long time. And, I’m not even really sure who I am because I have hid behind so many walls of defense for so long that I have lost touch with the little girl inside of me.
I would’ve been in an orgy that night had the opportunity arisen. But, I did do one of the hottest things I have ever done in my life and I didn’t even care who was there. I was so focused on me and one of my dearest friends. And, nothing else mattered for those moments in time. It was incredibly and absolutely amazing. Don and Charles voices, for the first time ever, were not in my head.
I am truly thankful for you helping me to get that place.”

~Thank you,

Hey Bart!
How does it get better!??? My house sold today! Woohoo! Thank you for helping me clear the energy of the house so that it could be seen by the people that are buying it. I’m SURE Access had a lot to do with it! I’ve been using the clearing affirmations every day!”


Hi Bart,
I mentioned to my son Jacob that I told you about his statement about having a clear mind and feeling only happiness. I told him how amazed I was at his insight. His nonchalant response was, “I do that every night at bedtime. I ask all thoughts and energies in both sides of my mind except those of God, Jesus, the Archangels, and my guardian angels to go away and the remains be reabsorbed back into the Earth.” He said he follows it up with the Access clearing statement. Once again (two days in a row), I was left speechless.
I am so honored and grateful for this tool you taught us.”
“I had a history of life limiting health problems, including severe multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. I also came from a dysfunctional family background that so severely traumatized me that a psychologist diagnosed me with severe chronic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Nothing provided me with any type of lasting relief or peace. I tried conventional medicine, alternative medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractors, EFT, NMT, NET, reflexology, massage, energy work of all sorts, and new age healers of all types.
I would get some relief, then fall ill again. Doctors and other healers would give up on me after awhile, telling me that there was nothing further than could be done to help me. I was just about at the end of my rope. I just couldn’t find a way to release all the glop that kept me trapped in physical and emotional pain.
I knew that inside of me was a great, creative person, but due to all my problems, I couldn’t access her.
We’ve all had these feelings in life that if not for the external and internalized limitations placed upon us that we could be almost unlimited beings, doing what we want with our lives. Because of my family history, depression, and life limiting illnesses, I’ve felt those feelings more acutely than most people have, but I know that you know that same feeling of wanting to live life without limits but barely believing that could ever be possible.
It is possible, if you’re willing to do the work—and you’re lucky enough to work with a man like Bart Sharp.
Bart uses a healing tool called ACCESS. It’s not alternative medicine or talking with spirit guides or anything medical at all, really. ACCESS is sort of like energy work, sort of like emotional freedom technique, sort of like super-condensed therapy, sort of like reflexology—but really nothing like any of those things at all. What ACCESS is—a way to help you live your life more abundantly. A life almost literally without limits, in other words.
Having made that clear, let me say that working with Bart has been the answer to a prayer for me. Every time I had a session with him, I felt better. You know how sometimes you feel you’ve been dragging the chains you forged in life along with you until you’re just tired at the end of the day? Every time I worked with Bart, I’d feel a chain of limitation slip off my body/mind/aura. We would dig through all this muck that kept me from living a healthy, fulfilled life. Every session we’d clean up the mess that had been made of my life. Like a person trapped in a mudslide, the real inner me was just waiting for someone to come and release her from all the glop she was buried in.
Bart’s not a guru. Nor is he a preachy type. He isn’t someone who tells you what to do. In fact, I’ve never met a less judgmental person. He is humble, modest, yet fully aware of what a powerful human being he is. He will call a spade a spade, but never in a way that is less than kind. His goal is to affect permanent change in the lives of those who ask him for help. I think that one of Bart’s goals in life is to help as many people as he can help to lead more enriched and enriching lives. He’s not the type to turn the tough cases away. His confidence that he can find some way to help you—and won’t quit until he DOES help us—gives you the confidence to know that you can be helped. If you want you life to change—-and I mean REALLY change in a permanent, existence-enhancing way—contact Bart
. Bart and I have worked together for about three months so far. Most of the depression, pain, and illnesses I’ve experienced are gone now. Just gone—as if they never were. I can’t explain how it happened, except to say that a very patient, very kind, very knowledgeable man named Bart Sharp changed my life.”

~Barb Lien-Cooper, Austin, Texas

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