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The Magical Choice

The Magical Choice

The Magical Choice By Bart Sharp The bottom line is we choose to attract a magical life through our thoughts and actions. We can choose in every moment to become the magic and a magical life will be within us. Like planting a seed, it will sprout to reveal itself but it may not be […]

Magic Speaks

Magic Speaks Becoming A Magical In A Modern Magical World Buy At Magic Speaks: The subtle reality of magic is here but not with a wand or incantations. It lives within us and it is a process of learning this source and how to apply it in our normal, everyday lives. We can create […]

Magical Components Of Grand Creations

Magical Components Of Grand Creations

Magical Components Of Grand Creations By Bart Sharp People who are great creators, generally have some of the same characteristics. Below are some observations of those who continually build great things.

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