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Having Magic Of The Moment

Having Magic Of The Moment

having magic
having magic

By Bart Sharp

When we can place our full presence into each moment our having magic and a magical life is maximized.

There is a space between the past and future is where all of our power is best maximized, it is living in the now. The quality of living in the now is where our most magical self lives. It comes down to a question, “How much of your intensity can you place in each present moment?” Living in the now is like being in a space of complete emptiness with the exception of what we are focused on in that instant. When we are calm inside of our selves and our unconsciousness does not seem to be focused on past emotions or traumas we are likely to be empowered more in the now. More of us is applied to what we are creating in that instant therefore it will be more dynamic, creative and magical.

One of my earliest experiences living in the magic of the moment was through dancing. Dancing demanded that I be totally focused and moving my body in the present moment, I was not thinking about what my previous motions were or what I will be doing next. In dance, it is a meditation of being one with what the music is presently playing and how my body is moving in that moment.

What dance taught me is I can do this meditation of being in the now and all aspects of my life and it always feels better than any other state of mind. The ingredients required of me is to:
be committed to being present,
to be willing to be completely focused
and be in touch with of the sensations occurring in my body.
These are three crucial in ingredients to being empowered in the now.

One of the things that gets people off task is not willing to be totally immersed in what they’re doing in the present moment. They would rather be someplace else or they have lived a traumatized life and they are well trained and being outside of their body. During various incidents of their life they had to leave their body because it was to painful or stressful to be inside themselves. This is one of the reasons so many people have problems finding their creative self and being alive in the present moment, they are constantly living in their traumas. This concept really applies to all three concepts I mentioned above, we are trying to be someplace else instead of what is before us. The avoidance of their repressed emotions and traumas have taught them to do so.

Sometimes we do not wish to be in the present moment because we are dissatisfied with what is in front of us. For example, We may be at work and we find it boring. In these incidents we are actually training our awareness to be outside of our body as a defense against the boredom. While in these moments it is a good time to see what resistance there is to that particular moment and learn to embrace it in some way, to be willing to be more aware. We can stimulate ourselves regardless of any environment. It is important part of living in the magical dance to learn to embrace every moment.

The first step in this is opening our awareness to see beyond the mundane, whether we have done the task every day we strive to see the newness of it and what is occurring within ourselves while we are doing the task. It becomes a meditation at this point where we are aware of our body, our environment and what we are doing in that moment. It can be as simple as walking where we choose to be aware of all movements in our body while we move, suddenly walking becomes a bigger expansive awareness because we choose to perceive more. Or if we’re driving down the street in our neighborhood we can choose to look in his many details as possible instead of taking our vision into a narrow point of view.

Our brain generally wants us to keep things predictable while we have to choose to see more, this is the path of magical folk everywhere they are always delighting in what they can open to next. This is the dance of awareness for the magical person, to be so open and when they are functioning in a high level of presence; magic occurrences, creativity and spontaneity become their life. Each moment has an opportunity for richness in having magic in our life.

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