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Suffering Is A State I Choose Not To Practice

Suffering Is A State I Choose Not To Practice
By Bart Sharp

I may be mad about things right now and fearful we maybe losing the way of life we have known but I am always steering me away from suffering while in the process. I knowingly see we may be losing personal services like Planned Parenthood, pristine lands due to corporations abusing them and I will be fighting in my own ways to make a difference.

I will be distressed, angry, sad at times but will be watchful in catching myself suffering with apathy or pity. I will do my best, stay grounded, meditate and reflect upon my feelings. I am even willing to die in this scenario but I work diligently not to suffer. Suffering is buying into the illusions we are helpless, powerless, weak, depressed, ashamed, repressed in emotional patterns. I will confront those until they are resolved, then I move forward regardless of what is occurring around me. If we are going to rebirth during this period in our history we have to find a courage to move forward inside and out in our communities to find new ways. For me, my emotional freedom will be one of my primary guides to finding how I can contribute with my self-love as my anchor.

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