Shame Defined: Body Consciousness

Shame Defined: Body Consciousness
Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

Shame is an emotion of contraction, where the energy is dense, an expression of how hard it is to move out of the patterns, “we deserve less” as a part of our body consciousness. In the energetic space of this shame based judgment a person stops, they become still in perspective to move forward in their own life choices; stemming from the belief they do not have the power to change. Shame feels like a dark density in the body, as if it would be slow or impossible to move out of it. Their level of lesser cannot receive the next stage.

Shame is the impetus of the excuse of the reason why we cannot. Shame is the influence to pull within self, holding the negativity in usually holding these energies in the lower abdominal area. As Issac Newton tells us, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is true with shame. The opposite reaction is most often, repressed or expressed anger.

On the proactive side, shame is strongly associated with the second chakra and in the area of creativity. When we stop believing the lies of unworthy then the energy opens in the areas we dare to believe. There is something in the stillness of the contraction of shame, to spring out great creative ideals.

One seductive aspect the shame based person can be attracted to is grandiosity. The belief we or our creations are much greater than they actually are. The shame based person wants to become more, to achieve greatness as a confirmation they are worthy. It is tempting to create unrealistic beliefs about self instead feeling comfortable with our own shortcomings. For example, a shamed based person may have a great business ideal and soon after launching the program began to have fantasies or visions of how the plan will make millions of dollars. When in actuality it has yet to make one dollar. Grandiosity is the opposite of shame, therefore it is seductive to spring into such fantastic dreams when the person needs to remain focused on what is required today.

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