Sadness Defined: Body Consciousness

Sadness Defined: Body Consciousness
Body Consciousness
Bart Sharp
Excerpt from Bart’s upcoming book, Body Consciousness

Sadness generally occurs from the message, you cannot be the person you would like to become. Even in the perspective of a parent not being loving to a child, resulting in the creation of sadness, the child wishes to be an expression of love to the parent.

Sadness is a contracted energy, where it is held in the body wants to exists in a sluggish, lifeless state. Sadness is the opposite of movement, as loss of something wants to remain still so the feeling can process out. However, for most, this is a very uncomfortable sensation, staying still with the feeling of loss; for many it is the most uncomfortable feeling.

The power of sadness is the desire to create utopia, to live in a higher ideal. This person strives to build something much greater where their sadness is finally fulfilled.

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