Resolving Anger

Resolving Anger
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By Bart Sharp

Anger is difficult for so many to resolve.

Anger is probably the most unattractive emotion yet everyone seems to have it and for many people they find they have little control with it. Anger can appear in the most undesirable times in our lives and we do not know when it will appear, whether it be a resentment or aggressive behavior. It seems like for most anger is triggered from our past repressed memories and appears in our daily life over things that should not make us unbalanced. We become dissatisfied over the smallest of things.

The most common mistake people make with repressed anger is they believe it is totally a mental or intellectual experience. In actuality anger is held in our body especially inside our gut. When we are able to get in touch with repressed anger held in the body we can have a permanent and dynamic release of it. Especially when we use energetic clearings or shamanistic techniques we can change our relationship with anger. We can completely release our past repressed memories and live in a more spontaneous, loving and energized state of being. Anger has his purpose and can be an effective tool when we are not the effect of it.

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