Receiving 101, A Lesson From Nature

Receiving 101 A Lesson From Nature

By Bart Sharp

Excerpt from The Healing Planet

The forest does not grow with an expectation of what it will look like. It just grows. Other factors such as sun, wind, water, and other plants influence it. In the plant world there is no competition; just the energy to thrive. They are simply happy to grow.

It sounds like a good model for business “Simply happy to grow”. Living with no resistance; allowance of all energies around us; awareness of our surroundings; a process that is working all day long. No competition with force, no force with aggression, but instead a joint striving for all to grow. No fear, but a deep knowing that all will grow the way it needs to grow. There are some who see business in this point of view, what if we lived all of our life that way? The question to ask is, “What is inhibiting me from living my life in full allowance of where life guides me?”

As we create ourselves, we can live in that joy of ‘What’s next in my life?’ without any expectation. Like nature, we will thrive in receiving whatever comes next. We will be living in the spirit of greater sources and in the child-like nature within us. Plants never refuse the sun or worry about rain. They are always open to accepting what is given to them. How much do we limit ourselves, how much abundance do we deny ourselves, when we refuse to receive in our life and creations?

When we allow our sad stories, judgments, bumps in life, abuses and challenges to become more than our desires to be more, then we create our own reality of refusing the sun. It is a good idea to explore our past traumas in order to learn from past mistakes and release the energetic memory out of our body then receiving has a new perspective. We can give ourselves permission allow a life of creation to be more than our pained pasts.

Nature has been one of my shining energetic mentors in teaching the concept; ‘the more that we can live in the space of joy we invite more abundance’. Joy is the state plants and animals function from with only a few exceptions. What joy does in our life is send out the message that all in our life is complete; there is no lack. It gives a message to the universe that we are whole and ready to receive what wholeness attracts (which is much more than the attitude of lacking attracts). We generally do not know how it will show up, or what will show up but a state of feeling whole and joyful attracts it.

When in nature, reflect to what wholeness is for the forest. There is a proliferation of life everywhere. Feel it in your gut, heart and welcome it into your soul. Bring that sensation home with you. Nature is an unconditional support of abundance.

The opposite of this concept is proclaiming how hard and miserable life is. Complaining will only manifest more things to complain about. You are what you ask for. Even if you not intentionally asking for it. You are what you think and emote. You receive what you think and emote.

It sounds really easy. Be happy, be positive and live your life as an adventure. Bring this emotional transformation to your business, your relationships and consciousness. Give yourself permission every day to do something just for you. Or better yet, give permission to give to yourself the great gift of creating a variety of things to make you happy as the primary motivation. If you get excited about something, and it hurts no one, it is generally what will create abundance in your life. Follow nature, follow your heart and prosper.

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