Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration

raising your vibration

By Bart Sharp

How much do you work at raising your vibration every day?

Transformation is an everyday process, when you begin to enjoy the treasures of evolving in soul it will feel so good you will not ever wish to stop. What a way of life! Here are a few things to consider in raising your vibration.

Do you meditate or pray every day?
Do you recognize your powerlessness in a world you have little power over: And in relation to a higher power?
Do you say an “Om” chant or meditate by saying “OM” silently during your quiet times during the day?
Do you listen to people lovingly?
Do you question your own potential and mistakes with humility?
When you see others who are doing things better than you do you look at them with respect and admiration?
Do you admit you do not have all the answers and then listen for a higher source to direct you?
Do you bring your intention into your heart instead of your head throughout the day?
Do you focus on grounding?
Do you pay attention and feel the rhythm of your breath regularly?
Do you admire and complement others with the motivation that it may help them?
Do you see life as a wonderful puzzle and your problems are simple and light like a puzzle?
Do you like sitting on the earth and feeling the ground vibration come up into your body or sitting next to a tree to feel its vibration?
Do you listen to others without judging and work at keeping your heart open to them while you interact with them?
Do you say mantras while you’re stopped in traffic?
Do you open your heart to others and give them energy from your heart regularly?
Do you say prayers for others in the moment?

These are just a few ideas in raising your vibration. Becoming more consciousness is like building a muscle, it takes practice to become stronger within our spiritual self but when we become stronger new ease appears in our life because we vibrate from a higher perspective that is more profound and in ways easier than the old polarized life. In my opinion raising your vibration is work worth doing and the investment pays in dividends in our lives and for the world.
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