Questions To Create Business Or Life From

Questions To Create Business Or Life From
emotional transformation
By Bart Sharp

What is it in my business that gets me excited?

What is it in my life that gets me excited in creating the power of attraction?

If I am not expanding into what I’m creating (or in my business) where is my energy going to?

Where is the vibrancy of my sexual energy?
Is it a fulfilling energy for me?
Am I connected to the energies around me in a communion my sexual energy is a central part of me?

What am I learning and/or creating that stimulates me?

Is there a weight/s within me more prominent than my excitement? What can I do to create more exciting creativity in my life?

Do I feel fulfilled?

Is your core energy within you vibrating so strong it attracts or is it more distracted with problems?

Are you doing enough to fulfill you?

Is there something you feel you are missing that is taking your attention away from your vibrant creative self? (because you do not feel whole and a part of you is searching for it)
If yes, what is it?
Can you detect a deeper source of the problem (of what you are missing) because you have felt this emptiness before?
Where does the deeper source begin in your life?

Does it feel as if you are pushing out with a certain force to create anything?
What percent do you feel you are creating your life with force?
What percent do you feel are in a creative ease in your life?

If this course, job, business etc… is your life completed and am I doing it for an alternative reason?
For example, money, do not know what to do next, depressed, feel obligated

Is there a purpose here?
Learning? Serving? Growing?

Is there something I can reinvent within me to stimulate my excitement again?

What creations are you in that are dancing with your Divine self?

How much pressure do you have to apply to yourself in order to create your life?

How much fun is it to become your creations?

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