Prioritizing The Spiritual Journey

Prioritizing The Spiritual Journey

By Bart Sharp


How much do we place our conscious development and spiritual journey second to what we consider wrong in our life? We create where the energy goes.

I recently interacted with someone on the spiritual path and kept asking me why bad things keep happening to him. I asked how much do you do your spiritual practices a week? And are you bringing those principles into your place of work? How much TV are you watching these days?

He stammered a bit in his silence but would not answer me.

We create outside of ourselves from what we are inside of ourselves. Maybe my friend got irritated with me, it matters little to me. I knew it would serve him to give him an emotional wedgie that day. To feel a little concerned about himself so he might be motivated to practice what he says he loves yet is too concerned with his tragedies to place inner development as a priority. Spiritual Masters were not born with the talent, they worked a whole lot at it to become a greater light.

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