Principals Of Body Consciousness, Developing Intuitive Powers


Excerpts For The Upcoming Book “Body Consciousness”

By Bart Sharp

The more we acknowledge, appreciate our body’s abilities the body will show us more of our innate abilities, powers etc….

Our body or body consciousness has so many talents hidden away, the question is, “What talent and ability is ready to be revealed to me next?”

The nature of psychic talents is often associated with going to classes, reading a read and developing the skill. An honorable strategy.

In the world of developing intuitive, inner perceptive abilities and internal powers a close relationship with our body will advance us more than most any book or class.

The first rule in our inner growth is to thank our body for all of the amazing things it does. For example, we are not the ones perceiving the energies of angels in a room, it is our body perceiving it we are interpreting the perceptions. Or think of some of the amazing physical things your body does. I always thank my body for digesting something tough like fried chicken, it affirms to my body it has great abilities to digest anything. I am especially grateful for my body for showing me a new awareness. True I made the decision to look for the awareness, however my body is the source.

The more I practice in the inner body world, talents arise. For example in the area of personal power; the power you have to be an influence with others, charisma, the ability people believe you and you doing it with less effort. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have this power to draw in clients, money, girlfriends etc…? Often it does not appear to be anything special about them standing them apart yet others are drawn to them.

The energetic center of the second chakra is where we hold the impetus to attract in our lives. Some people have strong second chakras while others are weak. It is paired with our belief systems “we deserve”. This is in most part something we need to work on energetically more than psychologically. When we can change our body consciousness we begin to change the power of our second chakra and our internal power. Let the emotional transformations begin just by listening to your body.

The first steps is to be grateful for our body’s power physical and internal. As I learn what the body consciousness concepts of what power is I attract in a new way.

The more I show gratitude to my source the more it will give me more. The body is infinite, it is ready to show us that world. We have to learn its messages. Thank your body.

Our body perceive all vibrations in our environment. If we are in a grocery store we are taking in vibrations of all of the people in the store, those outside, energies of the vegetables, laundry detergents, medications, money exchanged and more. Our body is in tune with everything around us. Some energies may even stand out such as if a woman has a cold we may feel sensations of a cold or if another person is extremely angry we feel uncomfortable. I find it interesting how my body feels when I walk down the isle of laundry detergents.

However there are thousands of different energies in a store and we can tune into each and everyone of them or not. Tuning in is as easy as, picking up a head of broccoli and asking, “What is the energy of this?” In the same instant something changes inside our body most likely in the solar plexus, stomach or heart area and it is vibration of the broccoli. Our body is doing its best to show us the vibration.

If we are beginning to sense these sensations they maybe extremely subtle. We need to remind ourselves we are learning a new language and need to practice. Pick up another vegetable and perceive how your body consciousness changes. After a few more vegetables go to the medication isle and pick up a bottle of synthetic medications such as a bottle of asprin. Perceive the difference you felt here with the medications than the veggies.

Each department will feel different, the laundry detergent has a certain feel of toxicity to it. If the store sells electronic devices and has an area where many televisions are on the electronic energy is different than the medications. They each vibrate differently as they are totally different substances.

Each time you feel something thank your body for giving you the information, you are messaging to your greater self you wish to have this type of reality active, ready to give information. Your job is to practice and listen with an attitude of gratitude for your emotional transformation.

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