Predictions For 2017

Predictions For 2017

Predictions 2017

As a tradition I write an email about the next year’s predictions of 2017 in some kind of context. Last year I designed a story in what I would like to see the world become in 2016. Another year I wrote of possibilities the consciousness of people could progress to. I even have done standard predictions and many of those things came true. What fun.

This year’s theme is, “What are possibilities for you to change in your life?” I offer ideas of ways you can make greater transformations in your life. 2017 appears to be a year demanding us to organize our life and take action. We will be challenged in the success of the collective whole. Creating your life not only benefit your own growth but facilitates it for others so important we take big proactive steps. We are all in this together. Below are a few ideas to consider.

*Create a prayer alter. Each day or so, place a person, cause, or limitation held in the world on a piece of paper, place it on the altar. Ask your higher power and your being to be a catalyst for change for this person, cause or limitation. Pray for this change to occur at least once a day.
Also ask, “What does this limitation feel like inside me?” Then ask inner and divine sources to change the energy within you as you are communing/praying with the person, cause or situation. Create an energetic synchronicity with who/what you are praying for within you. Then let it go, do not think about the possible results, be the energy of change in the moment of prayer as the only action to take in this exercise.

*Right on a card, “What new energy, consciousness and awareness can I become today? Or this week? Or this month? Pick one energy you would like to become such as; nature, Mother Mary, vibrant health, being the energy of Angels, joy, the vibration of love or the Dalai Lama.

What you choose, sit with it and contemplate what this energy or person is for you.Invite its presence to be inside your body, meditate with it as you feel the person’s or consideration’s energy. Learn its vibration and make it your goal to become it inside of you. Let this new form of vibration take you on a journey of growth to learn what other higher consciousness you can be like through this transformation. Enjoy becoming many new energies in your life expands your energetic being and consciousness.

*Write a few goals you would like to complete on cards, posting them in an area where you see them several times a day. Stop and read these statements to review how you are making progress that day in order to help you actualize the goals. This will keep you more on tasks as well as generating your innate power to attract it.
Reflect on the community who is connected to these goals and how can this all grow in a bigger way for all. It maybe your goal but it can affect others; so create an greater intention to help others. How can my goals be a win/win for all? We serve our goals and others at the same time.

These are a few ideas, I have more, just ask and I will deliver. The most important aspect of these exercises is practice daily or on a regular basis. We are training the mind to integrate the new energy in order to become a whole part of us. The more we practice we become better in the world benefits.

I have a hope 2017 is a year where we all grow in great leaps and bounds with the world benefiting from our progress.

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