Playfulness And Our Magical Power

Playfulness And Our Magical Power

magical power
magical power

By Bart Sharp

Playfulness is the component we can learn from children to help actualize our magical power as an adult.

“How much fun would it be to be an adult body with a child’s playfulness, curiosity and willingness to believe? Can I open my heart to that possibility? Try not to figure it out and follow life.” Excerpts from the book “Magic Speaks” by Bart Sharp.

We as adults can have the child’s qualities of magical power but it is not seen as childlike but learning to live the qualities of what a child naturally experiences. Children are relaxed, open and lovingly wish the best for everyone. They naturally think in wholeness instead of rationalizing a more separating point of view. They are simple and they innately know the most important aspects of living is to feel secure and loved. Children naturally function more from their second chakra that is more centered around love and security.

Children function more in the mystery of not knowing the complexities of life, their mind is not constricted by efficiency; in other words their neural patterns of their brain is not functioning in the same predictable sequences as adults. They see the world with much more details because they have not narrowed their perspectives which means they are not set in limited neural brain sequences like an adult cemented in a variety of habits and set routines. Everything is new so therefore they see more aspects around them than an adult.

We as adults can open to a wider parameter if our brain functions like a child but it requires us to always be more questioning, curious and most importantly nonjudgmental. Our magical powers as adults are always more open when we perceive life and are open to see more possibilities in each instant. Our magical powers are opened when we look at life with the most possibilities in each moment. A child’s intensity is much like this, they are naturally perceiving in a “magical powers” presence until they start thinking like an adult.

We can access our magical power as an adult by always staying curious, and continually asking questions instead of making statements. Questions always lead us into an open space and we can even take this concept to a more advanced stage to facilitate our magical power by feeling inside what the question stimulates in us. In other words when we are curious with the question a certain vibration of lightness is stimulated and we can focus on this lighter point of view to open our magical power even more.

When we ask and feel the expanded energy of the question we are creating a chemistry to activate our magical power. “I wonder what it would take for me to become more joyful with my wife?” When we ask such a question something is stimulated inside of us to guide us to perspectives to teach us a more joyful interaction with our spouse. The magical power here is stimulating something intuitive and then paying attention to where it will guide us to a practical application. In may come down to learning how to laugh more when we interact with our spouse or remember why we fell in love with them in the first. The magical power maybe rediscovering what we already knew like the child inside of us.

Magical power as an adult is something we nurture, we show kindness to ourselves as well as curiosity. We take out the judgments of our selves and others and replace them with a questioning opened mind. The magical power will be emerging in its own way, probably less predictable than their adult mind can understand but the child’s perspective totally gets it.
Bart Sharp in the author of “Magic Speaks” teaching how to be a magical person in this world.
Magic Speaks
Becoming A Magical In A Modern Magical World

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