Opening To The Unseen Reality

Opening To The Unseen Reality

By Bart Sharp
The unseen reality is the world that we cannot see. The unseen reality are things such as types of awareness intuitive insights such as having a feeling a business deal will be a huge success, feeling the vibration or energy of something such as a tree, feeling extreme joy due to a large leap in our personal growth, loving expansion in our heart. It can also be our own energetic being or the collective consciousness of everyone. We cannot define these types of concepts in the unseen reality easily. With “the seen reality” it is more of the physical things which we have in life.

I believe there is a division in the consciousness of people whether they find the “unseen reality” or “seen reality” as more important. Those living in the unseen reality value that the development of their own consciousness or love as the most important ingredient. Or the unseen believers value things such as their own psychic abilities, unexplained phenomena in across the planet or mysteries we cannot explain.

The seen reality values what can be built with their own hands, consumed, having money and other material possessions. All of these things are necessary in this world but what people make as a mistake is they begin to believe that the seen reality will fulfill something inside of them. Sadly the seen reality will not create a high level of internal fulfillment, it may bring us some level of happiness but never take us to a high level of joy where we feel complete inside of ourselves.

On the other hand, the unseen reality will take us to levels of fulfillment and each one we reach we will find a certain level of joy inside of ourselves due to this great internal accomplishment. For the world to change to a greater place we had to have those who evolve with the unseen reality because they will expand the collective consciousness of those in the world who will in turn find better practical solutions for the seen reality. The unseen reality will change the seen reality to a greater place.

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