My Magical Perspective

My Magical Perspective

magical perspective

By Bart Sharp

We create magic in our lives by finding the magical perspective. Listening to ourselves helps us find our own magical perspective.

It is the sixth year I have found myself enjoying the rich scenery and dynamic spiritual energies of the Languedoc Region of southern France in the Valley of Pic Da Bugarach. Throughout the years one common characteristic appears in my journeys here, ease.

It is true something relaxes inside of me when I am this magical area that is associated with easiness but this is only one aspect. For most part all aspects of the process of going to France seem to cooperate with my intentions such as: attracting people to come on my tours, finding renters in my home or the details of where to stay here in this highly spiritual region.

There is one principal or magical perspective that I believe in that supports me to come to France; what ever I do here in France helps me in becoming a more conscious individual. A greater energy than my individual self will always direct what I require in order to make this trip happen. France seems to be the most fertile place for me to grow. I am not sure that this is true for everyone to come to France but I am certain this is true for me therefore when ever I decide to go things just seem to fall in place. It is like a consciousness wants me to come to France.

There is one tool above others that I follow that guides me. If I think of an idea or concept and it feels light and expansive inside of me, I start taking the steps needed to do it. “If it’s light it’s right” is my principle. It always feels right to come here, when I ask the question, “What is the energy of coming to France?” My heart expands into a huge ball of light. That is how my body tells me, “Go for it!”

All the same if I asked the question about going to France and I felt nothing maybe it is time for a new adventure. One aspect that seems to coincide with the magical perspective is my excitement and enthusiasm. Not always but generally there is a high correlation.

Another question you may ask yourself is, “What makes you excited?” What is it that when you think of it something feels expansive inside if you. It might be the small things such as going home and painting a picture or working in your garden. What I find is that if you do the things that excite you something more positive will begin to manifest in your life. By following your “excitement quotient” you are telling your body or higher consciousness that you deserve to have a more expansive, exciting and fulfilling life. Something in your consciousness will begin to manifest it that way.

It is important to note that this tool works for things you create, interact with or make. Watching a movie or a TV show is not creation it is an external stimulation. It may feel good but generally does not stimulate your magical perspective.

We all deserve to be happy and when we began practicing this concept it will begin to happen more and more. It is a really good idea to continue to do things in your daily life that make you feel better or when you think of doing it you feel light and expansive.

If there are things that do not feel light and expansive it may be a good idea to begin to stop doing them or find a reason why they are a magical perspective. For example, when I was a teacher I did not find it expansive to wake up at 6:00 in the morning in order to make it to work by 8:00 however I knew this was a great job and the stress my body experienced by waking up early was rationalized that it was for a greater good. I served myself and my students by waking up early every morning, for me that always felt lighter than “Oh darn I have to go to work!”

It is a real art to show yourself a lighter perspective; to be able to turn things around to more exciting and positive outcomes for life but it is also a great benefit if you do. What really makes you happy? Do more of it. What feels expansive in your heart when you think of doing it? Following your inner enthusiasm will change your life for the better. It is one step at a time in walking towards your own most magical perspective.

Bart Sharp is the author of “Magic Speaks” at and currently is living in France doing spiritual tours. He is available for private sessions via Skype.
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