Mary Magdalene Speaks, from Love Speaks

Mary Magdalene Speaks, from Love Speaks
By Bart Sharp

Sourcing the presence of Mary Magdalene, from Love Speaks

A new era has come just as it was enjoyed two thousand years ago. Its source is within you, the real passion for living in your joy of the moment; connects you to what your essence is.

When you are in this state of awareness allow all energies of life to be inside you, breathe in the earth, feel the energy of a butterfly, your neighbor down the way, and give out your internal joy to all. You create an ebb and flow of life, a communion including all human beings, this is in a most important lesson; to be an allowance of all conscious human expressions. Create no barriers between you and your kind. Bring your energy in a joyful oneness with all; while others think what they think, do what they do. In this space you create no separation which opens the doorway for all your species to evolve. You are the door holder to welcome others to make a different choice. You being present in you exemplifies the direction for others. You being the light shines out as the beacon to be followed.
Mary Magdalene
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