Magical Components Of Grand Creations

Magical Components Of Grand Creations

By Bart Sharp

People who are great creators, generally have some of the same characteristics. Below are some observations of those who continually build great things.

Great creators stay in present tense mindsets. They do not go into the future about how the creation will go, or stay in the past about fears of how it will fail. They stay into the question of how to create it to the best of their ability in the present moment. It is the only aspect that matters to them, what they can do now.

Great creators are fascinated with what excites them. In fact the excitement is part of the power of their intuitive self. So if something is very expansive in their life they know this is where they should be applying themselves. It creates a certain ease and fun and what they do leading to a very satisfying life.

Great creators know in the present moment what to do. For example a person may be researching a new top of airplane, they have done the work and exploring the possibilities of the best aircraft to buy. They may not know which plane is the best but when they see it thier intuitive self knows. In that moment they decide to invest in the airplane. They have done all the research so there is no need to investigate further and their intuition confirms it. They learn with their brain and act on their gut.

Great creators see the spontaneity of the market or the environment around them. Something inside of them knows when to take action in relation to the situation around them.

Great creators are connected to the source of thier internal power. Most great creators function strongly from their second chakras. They may have great intellects but it is also based in a more body power that they innately know.

Great creators develop the knowledge, energy and resources to create what they wish. If; they do not have the knowledge they study, they do not have the energy they improve their body so it is available, and they will ask for help but they do not have the resources. There’s a certain belief in their own vitality that always gives great creators the necessary energy to do what they need to accomplish.

Great creators have a strong intrinsic belief they deserve the benefits of their dreams. There is a strong internal magnet that attracts for them. They also make a demand upon themselves to do what it takes to have their own success. They are clear about what is good for them and then do what it takes for to happen.

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