Greater Consciousness Through Emotional Transformation

Magic Speaks

Magic Speaks

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Becoming A Magical In A Modern Magical World

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Magic Speaks: The subtle reality of magic is here but not with a wand or incantations. It lives within us and it is a process of learning this source and how to apply it in our normal, everyday lives. We can create magical occurrences in all areas whether it be in relationships, a business, prosperity, creative projects or everyday happenings. Magic is in everyone and author Bart Sharp explores concepts, relates stories and shares tools in how to generate your own magic. Magicians can live special lives in this regular world. Learn how you can become a modern magician.

A mixture of the mystical and practical that guides the reader to make magic in their life.

If you could create a synergy of the highly spiritual, law of attraction, personal development, ancient teachings, the messages of nature, and interpret this knowledge into an intuitive but practical format that generates a magical life it would be Magic Speaks.

You can generate a magical life and have magical living experiences wherever you go. Magical people are much greater than any negativity in the world. Learn how you can transform in magical ways.

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