Magic Speaks: Magic Beyond Limitations

Magic Speaks: Magic Beyond Limitations
magic speaks
By Bart Sharp

Living a Magical Life means learning to life as if you live your life from limitations. Excerpts from Bart Sharp’s “Magic Speaks”. Is living your life more important than your limitations? I have friends who tell me how they cannot do things because of limitations such as illness, fears, moon-time and the list goes on.

Then I have have friends who are in pain everyday yet they choose never to stop living their dreams and adventures. We have to ask ourselves which model do we choose? Do you have dreams un-lived that are put aside because of the beliefs of your limitations are bigger? Those who are moving forward choose to never stop, even if they are making small progressing steps they are still moving in the direction they are choosing. A greater consciousness, one we are a part of supports such a choice. Empowerment begins in actions supporting your will to become more.

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