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love speaks

“Love Speaks, Love Wisdom In Thoughts And Stories”

By Bart Sharp

Love Speaks, Love Wisdom In Thoughts And Stories the new ebook by Bart Sharp, explores the various forms of love from the love of a mother to her children, to mankind’s connection with nature, to a kundalini, sexual experience. The purpose is to explore as many qualities of love so the reader is inspired and educated; then they can enjoy love more. The reader is exposed to view points of highly evolved individuals, to those who struggled with compassion in relationships. Included are photos located in the Languedoc region of Southern France. 134 pages. $5.99 BUY: Love Speaks, Love Wisdom

sacred-sites-southern france

“Sacred Sites In Southern France”
Your Tour Guide To The Power Spots

By Bart Sharp

Sacred Sites Of Southern France takes the reader on a journey through beautiful photographs and short stories of this amazing high spiritual region of Languedoc. The descriptions are told from an intuitive’s perspective describing locations and details of the higher vibrational centers. Learn what to look for in sites such as Rennes Les Château, Fountain De Amour, Nebias Forest, Pic De Bugarach and more. Bart Sharp explores over twenty power spots founded thousands of years ago and still strong today. Perceive what the French have held as secret and sacred for hundreds of years. 153 pages ebook on Amazon $4.99 BUY NOW

healing planet

“The Healing Planet”

“Stories, Tools, And Inspirations To Develop Your Intuitive Relationship With Nature”

By Bart Sharp

“The Healing Planet” is a book to teach the reader how to develop intuitive abilities with nature. It is journey into a silent world to learn how to unlock some of the important messages that the earth can give us. At the same time it is an inward process of learning to be more in tune with your body. Bart Sharp guides the reader in directions, exercises, and insights on how we can be more in touch with us through an active mediation with nature. The book is designed for the novice, explaining in detail how to create a more psychic communication with ones self and the earth. $16.99 BUY NOW

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