Love Speaks And The Negative Mind

Love Speaks And The Negative Mind
By Bart Sharp

Finding a greater love within is realizing how we create the opposite, Love Speaks to a greater emotional transformation.

Every time the mind thinks a negative thought we contract into density in some way. Thoughts of loving open us to something lighter.

A loving relationship opens the opportunity to have it in ourselves. Can you receive such a gift? To open because someone cares about us. We can become addicted to the density of negativity and trying to win love with someone who will never give it back. For those living in that trap it feels foreign to open and love so fully, “There must be something wrong that we could have such caring so easily.”
Our walls have nothing to push up against so our mind tries to find only why it is not right. The answer, feel love in your body more and follow your mind much less. It may seem impractical because you are stepping out of the box you have known for so long. Buy Love Speaks

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