Love At The Highest Level: Love Speaks

Love At The Highest Level
body consciousness
Excerpt From the ebook, Love Speaks
By Bart Sharp

If we could perceive love as its most evolved state, we would see the total of ourselves down to our own cellular structures. We would see every reference of us as attuned to the moment of now. All would be complete so references to the past are nonexistent, therefore no polarity of traumas are held.

All reference points of us are secure and awareness of all parts of us, as well as everything around us because all walls of resistance are nonexistent. All the energy we use as ego-based thoughts and defenses would be directed to something of a higher vibration. In the state of being we would experience intense levels of joy. It would feel so good our natural tendency would be an extreme desire to share it; to help others have it as well. An infinite state where love emanates everywhere within.

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