Love And Our Magical Self

Love And Our Magical Self

magical self
magical self

By Bart Sharp

Sometimes love does not enhance our magical self. Our magical self sometimes needs to detach from some situations or people while we love from a distant perspective

“If I am bothered by a rattlesnake and send love to it, should I then sleep with the rattlesnake? I love them as creatures of God but I am not crazy?” One of my teachers used to tell me this with the message being we can love things in life but they can still be dangerous for us. The most important thing to remember is not to create a polarized point of view toward something that is dangerous or unhealthy for us. We can have allowance of love for things that are not right for us and not hate them or create attacking thoughts or actions.

The point is this is the more that we create such things as judgment, anger and wrongness towards something we can begin to narrow our consciousness. The magical self within us begins to diminish due to the walls we have created through our judgments. Therefore when rattlesnakes appear in our life we can have complete allowance for them, love them for the beautiful creatures they are, not to be violent to them but to stay out of their way. We can create our own magical self while the rattlesnake does whatever they do.

This principle can be applied to many aspects of our life to enhance our magical self. For example, we may see one political party as dangerous because they are not what we agree with. It’s only funny but there are people who are in the other political party that most likely feel the same thing about us. We are creating a polarized reality between each other. We may think that the other side is creating this distance. The possibility is we are both creating the distance and polarity. What we lose is our magical self by being involved in the matrix of these judgments.

Just like the rattlesnake, if we judge it as bad we become polarized in the wrongness of the rattlesnake. Just like there are people who are like rattlesnakes, if you interact with them, they will bite you in some way. The rattlesnake is there for a reason just like us and we can choose not to be attached to the type of creature they are. In some form we are stimulating a more violent reality by reacting to them. Then the magical self inside of us is less because we are applying our magical powers the places that do not facilitate our inner magic. We are giving our power away to a polarized point of view.

When we think of political polarity we multiply energies in a bigger arena because it is thousands to millions of people playing a complex game whose basis is of the judgments related to fear and anger. The more we are connected to such a matrix our magical self will not be accessed but we will be seduced into a more mental struggle that is emotionally based.

The magical self is all based in freedom, or the freedom to think freeing thoughts. The more we are an allowance of what ever is adverse to us our creativity and inner freedom flourish, the magical self within has our power supporting it. So if you see a rattlesnake on the road look at it and say, “Wow! A rattlesnake it is beautiful and dangerous so therefore I think I will look at it from afar in appreciation.” Or “Wow! Those people believe totally differently from me. I wonder why? I wonder if there’s something I could learn from them?” Our magical self will feel safe and secure when we look at the world in curiosity and know that opposites may not be all they appear to be. What is our concern is to stay centered in our own magical self, our own beautiful adventure and find what really makes us thrive in our own love and magical being.

Bart Sharp in the author of “Magic Speaks” teaching how to be a magical person in this world.
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