Living In The Space Of Intuitive Greatness

Living In The Space Of Intuitive Greatness

By Bart Sharp

Living in the space of intuitive greatness requires us to be in tune with something much greater than our intellect. It is feeling a conscious space within us where our intuitive greatness can be nurtured, guided and expanded. Intuitive greatness means that we have a balance of intuition, creativity, power and intellectual capacities to create whatever we wish to bring in the world. We have to learn how to feel inside of ourselves as well as have an intellectual capacity to be able to bring these abstract concepts into practice.

A great athlete may have knowledge of how to win at a sport and be very powerful with the skills required to be the most competitive. Winning also requires a knowledge that is beyond other players, that can see what other people do not see an intuitive greatness is required. A great athlete like Michael Jordan had the intuitive greatness to know how to be better than his opponents in the instant of the moment. It was beyond athletic ability even though this was an undeniable and highly important part.

People with intuitive greatness know what is coming next or know what is required of them to be successful of what is before them. They have developed this by listening inside of themselves and stimulating their intuition by asking their own inner self questions. The great inventor George Washington Carver came up with some of his greatest insights by presenting his problem to himself and at the same time to a higher power. After posing the question he then would take a walk in the woods. While on this walk he seemed to relax into himself while communing with the greater source within the forest of which he called God created. When he completed his walk he generally knew the answer to his problems he was trying to solve.

It was not a matter of out thinking the problem to the next step in a logical solution but putting all the logical parts together and then asking for something higher than his scientific mind to contribute. Carver was a great example of someone with a keen intellect, scientist, and inventor who married his intellect with his own intuitive greatness. The pathway for him was a spiritual one and at the same time there was something within him, a space within that he was always in tune with. He would call it attuning to the God within, others might call it accessing their intuitive greatness.

In order to have such intuitive greatness we have to practice going internal and feeling inside. For George Washington Carver it was in praise of God and nature. He felt this as a part of his internal being resonating within him. As he worked he sang Hymns to remind him what it felt like to have the presence of God vibrating inside of him.

There are so many ways to create this presence of space that develops our intuitive greatness. Michael Jordan felt it in the instant of a moment and knew what to do without thinking. Someone might meditate and develop a huge internal peace in the space of their body that is the source of their intuitive greatness. As a shamanistic healer I perceive the emotional world within my body and learn to interact with and resolve repressed emotions to open them to a higher form. Therefore a higher vibration is raised so my inner space flows with a greater harmony.

As a shaman my intuitive greatness can perceive not only my own emotional limitations with these but others as well because I dance with the awareness within my body. George Washington Carver could feel the energies of the forest, plants and interact with them. In that communion he would gain insights to the inventions he was seeking as he was a great innovator of using plants to create new applications of foods, clothing and medicines.

Our intuitive greatness grows when we have skills we love doing and develop an internal awareness to support our intellectual knowledge. Whatever we are learning in our daily life it is very important to feel inside of ourselves, to learn our own inner relationship and intuition in relation to the skills we are developing. Intuitive greatness is something that is very personal. We can see how others do it but we cannot exactly follow how others have developed, we find her own unique path to our own intuitive greatness.

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