Litmus Test For Anger: Body Consciousness

Litmus Test For Anger: Body Consciousness Tools

Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

In the world of Body Consciousness repressed anger can be one of our biggest blockages in coming to a greater emotional transformation. When we are angry a quick litmus test to see how we generally function with anger is evaluating, how much time does it take for the angry incident to completed; we feel no more negative side affects to the anger.

When we have had thirty minutes or so to be removed from the incident; are we still feeling uncomfortable in our body? Is there a place that still feels upset? If the answer is yes it most likely means there is some place inside of us that has been activated from the angry incident.

We may think we are still angry about the moment but we are also triggered by some of the patterns from our past in addition to the present tense anger. Past and present tense anger simultaneously activated make the incident more intense. In addition we may know what makes us mad in the present tense stimulus but likely not to have a clue to what the past tense trigger is about. When the past incidents of anger are dealt with and resolved incidents of anger occurring in present day life will quickly subside.

The whole reason anger is created is to give us energy to take action. Once we have taken action or understand why we are angry; the energy of anger should subside within thirty minutes. If you feel like you are angry over small things for extended periods of time it is highly likely you have unresolved anger from your past being stimulated from your present tense experiences. Anger is generally not our normal state of functioning and should only be there when we are unbalanced in a situation. If it is still hanging around afterwards it is a good message to let you know you have repressed anger issues to release. To have a profound emotional transformation to a greater body consciousness addressing repressed anger will help us immensely.

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