Limitations Are An Expression To Becoming Infinite, Body Consciousness

Limitations Are An Expression To Becoming Infinite, Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

Whatever limitations we are functioning from, we have a great potential to be transformed by them into greatness or becoming infinite or a more expanded person in the perspective of body consciousness. For example, those who are in fear of living life and interacting with the world boldly, may have another side longing to be connected and gregarious. Someone who feels deep shame within and has little belief in their abilities may have an opposing side longing to inspire with great deeds. Someone sad and depressed may have a part ready to grab life by the horns and take it on with a fierce enthusiasm. These are examples of the oppositional persona we all hold in various ways. 

Body Consciousness and our core limiting emotions have a persona wishing to do great things; we may have lived this part in our fantasies or dreams of what we desire to be. It is a duality people live in; their inner shadow of limitations versus what they would like to present to the world as their best self. Included as well is the fantasies or dreams of their greatness versus the emotions creating belief systems of their limitations. People generally go back and forth in these worlds living the darkness of their limitations and the light of their dreams. 

Unfortunately many judge their darkness to avoid it while striving for their own form of utopia, only to fall short in their giant leap. The shortcoming sabotaging us in this constructed polarity is we make us wrong for having the limitation and not achieving the dream. They actually both serve us and are our allies. We have to embrace our both parts and know them well. Through this process we can turn to the other side and authentically give ourselves permission to soar higher in our dreams than ever before.

When we truly accept our shadow, we face its weakness. The strengths will begin to come to our awareness. It then begins becoming our power. It is a natural cycle to fall into our low and shadowy side and then rise to our light and higher-self. If we truly embrace our lows, we will rise higher in our lighter ambitions. Just as if we resist our darkness, we will advance much less in our light because we create a polarity to work against our natural powers.

On the other side, when we allow us to have our fantasies with a curiosity of what takes us to have this desire. Most importantly be in the question of what is the application for me in my day-to-day life. Then ask the question, “What is the next step to move in this direction?”

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