Levels Of Joy

The Levels Of Joy

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By Bart Sharp

Joy is the perspective that everything is complete and whole in our reality. We may have peak experiences where joy is very present but yet within hours to days we return to the plateau of normal life. As we achieve more peak experiences through exploration of our limitations and creations of our dreams we find the peaks more permanent. Here are some perspectives about the different levels of joy. Joy is not always a linear form of levels but here is some guideline in what to look for.

The joy of sensuality of your body. Getting in tune with the sensations occurring inside your body turns you onto a greater awareness. A meditative quality of awareness where we feel life whether it be in our breath, walking, feeling reactions to the environment within our body, listening at a greater degree to others in heart centered awareness, being totally present in the moment, highly connective sex, and more. Something about being grounded, more present into ourselves to where we feel life at a greater intensity is joyful.

Joy of the spiral. The nature of life is that it is a ever expanding spiral of consciousness. When we are growing, evolving, resolving, learning and/or creating a more expansive life our own spiral is growing at a greater rate. This sensation within feels complete and joyful.

The joy of accomplishment. Whether we are clearing issues or creating life accomplishments; joy becomes a perspective that we cross over to a new level of consciousness within, we feel complete in that situation. It may be that we are grieving the loss of relationship and in that process are looking at how we created it; therefore we are exploring emotions creating the dysfunction of the relationship. As we courageously find ourselves; we come to the level of accomplishment that we have learned a lesson for that situation. Joy will come into your life like a rush of new energy when we find the deepest truth of the situation. Most importantly the enlightenment of how we created such a limitation raises our vibration.

Life accomplishments such as a completing a project can be joyful as well if there are more emotional components involved. Such as, someone creating a dog rescue center is also representing her own sense of self justice and fairness for animals that happens to be related to her own childhood conflicts. As she accomplishes a greater good for dogs it also transfers to her own personal life, (she is also aware of the parallel as she explores the personal issues at the same time). Therefore, the accomplishment of the center would also complete something inside of herself which would be felt as joy.

The joy you deserve. In exploring life’s lessons that we are lesser in the areas of shame. The more a person finds a life that is fulfilling creates the reality they deserve such a lifestyle. This is a dual approach in exploring the creation of the limitations of shame as well as finding a positive way to create a life that is fulfilling. Every time this person finds fulfillment in either direction of resolution of the emotion or creation of their dreams they draw nearer to joy.

Joy to the world. In each level of joy someone advances to: there is a love that abounds in their life, that feels more real than what they have ever experienced before. It feels so good and the reaction to it is a profound desire to share it. As we grow in love and joy the nature of the emotions is to give it back to community; to serve in a bigger way than her own life.

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