Judgments And The Degeneration Of Body Consciousness Part Two

Judgments And The Degeneration Of Body Consciousness Part Two

By Bart Sharp
Excerpts from “Body Consciousness”

The more we judge others, our own body, body consciousness and situations in life we create limitations to block our path in being in communion with our infinite self.
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Making a judgment is the most direct way to create us as limited. When we judge we begin turning off our perception to see all options in a situation and create a hardness or density within our body, cells energetically.

In teaching there are ongoing challenges, it is part of the work. We can either acknowledge we will face testing situations and it is part of our job or be in reaction to them carrying the challenges it entails.

The lightest perspective I could live by with teaching was “I chose it”. Every year I made a decision to re-new my contract and life by the regulations and expectations the position required of me. A heavier perspective would be, (with judgments) “I signed my contract because I have to have a job in order to pay my bills.”

When we take responsibility for where ever we are in life we begin to detach from the judgments we are the affect of or the victim of our own life (judgments). Remaining in the attitude of a question “How did I create this?” begins to opens us to a different perspective. We open our perspective of seeing how we created such judgments. When we ask the question we then might have a memory arise of our parents who complained regularly. We simply joined in believing it was the right thing to do.

When we make a judgment about someone or a situation we suddenly cannot see beyond the judgment made. Like the complaining teachers the judgments narrowed their vision of their jobs, they conditioned themselves to see what was wrong instead of the benefits (or bigger picture).

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