Judgments And The Degeneration Of Body Consciousness Part Four

Judgments And The Degeneration Of Body Consciousness Part Four

By Bart Sharp
Excerpts from “Body Consciousness”

The more we judge others, our own body, body consciousness and situations in life we create limitations to block our path in being in communion with our infinite self.

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Making a judgment is the most direct way to create us as limited. When we judge we begin turning off our perception to see all options in a situation and create a hardness or density within our body, cells energetically.

A judgment can be the core cause of our health issues. The creation of an illness or health issue stems from an inability to resolve a core emotional issue.

We have created layers upon layers of judgments over the years but if we could go back into the memory or energetic memory, to the source of our distress, we would see a very simple yet profound story of how our limitations are created. We generally create our lives from our beginning internal conflicts we had as infants and/or children. How we judge those early childhood challenges, influences the rest of our lives.

For example, a young lady who came to see me had contracted cancer at age thirteen, the cancer was in re-mission at age seventeen but the girl had ongoing bouts with depression. We explored her early childhood traumas using techniques of Applied Kinesiology to find she felt unloved in her home at the age of one. We found out the reason the one-year old felt unloved was her parents were considering divorce at that particular time

The one-year old infant was in the middle of this crises where both parents felt little love in their world, only distress. During this one-year period in the marriage the child felt alone as both parents were isolating with their own problems. They took care of their child but were unable to receive the love the child offered; more importantly they could not give back a genuine feeling of love she felt from them earlier in life. The infant could not discern what the distress of the parents was about but only had a basic knowing something was wrong.

The emotion most strongly associated with this young lady was sadness stemming from the belief or judgment she was unloved and alone. When the girl first came into the world she was a welcomed relief for a rocky marriage, the parents adored her, but after a year they sunk back into their own personal problems creating conflicts in the marriage.

For the little girl she came into the world receiving a high quality of love and nurturing. When the love was not there it created the core story, “I am not loved” and the sadness associated with it. As the girl grew up she gravitated to the beliefs she was alone and no one loved her as an underlying, repressed belief which affected her happiness. This period was never resolved as the parents continued to remain married and had a second child when the girl was three years old.

The young girl began to live in a deep-seated belief created by judgment no loved her and she fell more into sadness from it. It was a sadness, intrinsically inside her; she even forgot for most part it was there. She grew up a child going to kindergarten, elementary school like any other child, trying to find their identity with in themselves, with others, with school and with her family.

When I asked the young lady how she felt in the elementary years she responded. “It always felt like I never fit it, I was never totally happy and not totally unhappy. In fact, maybe I do not know what happiness really feels like.”

Cancer at thirteen was the expression of the judgment, “I am not loved.” The judgment repressed away during childhood years finally came to expression during puberty when a young person begins acculturate their identity as an adult. For the young lady all of the sadness needed to be expressed as it could not be held back so she manifested it as cancer.

At a deeper level the one-year old child was sad because her parents could not perceive the love she had to give them. The whole essence of an infant is love and light. In becoming from infant to child being they need it confirmed from their parents otherwise they do not trust their own inner power of love.

After the cancer was in remission the young lady had several periods of depression. It was the early childhood sadness coming up and the years of judgments she had put upon herself; something must be wrong within because she felt unloved.

When we see the judgments for what they are, how they were created and where their origins are; we can begin to see the truth and unravel all of the non-truths judging ourselves fabricates as. It maybe we are very angry and we hold the anger inside as we are taught we cannot express anger. Every time we become angry we hold it in because we have created thousands judgments in our life it is wrong to have and/pr express anger. Later in life we begin to have colon problems because it is where we “sucked it up” and stored years of repressed anger. All beginning in judgments we were taught as children how we should deal with anger.

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  1. What a great photo of that sweet baby nursing! Love it! That baby is safe next to its mother’s skin receiving the best possible nourishment. I do believe in holistic health – there is definitely a mind body connection. What we think influences all our bodily functions and how we feel. Living in fear burns us out. Living in peace opens us up. We all want that basic need of feeling and being loved.

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