Intuition And Our Emotional Limitations

Intuition And Our Emotional Limitations

By Bart Sharp

One way we inhibit our intuition is through our emotional limitations or repressed emotions. Intuition works best when we feel free and relaxed within ourselves and if we have self-limiting concepts of ourselves through our repressed emotions are intuition will not work as well in certain areas.

For example, we may be a great artist and our intuition guides us to paint remarkable pieces of art. However if the artist has a self-image that is shameful and does not believe they deserve success due to the limiting emotion of shame they will never see all the opportunities or an expanded creative vision of how they can be displayed or sold. They will likely never ask a fair price for their own art and has a result unconsciously communicate to the buyers that the art is less worthy. The art could be a great piece with the artist intuition actively involved in the creation of the piece but the block of believing they cannot receive the riches in their life will always prevent the artist from self-actualizing the greatness.

The artist may not see beyond their own judgments they have created about themselves that they deserve less therefore they cannot see opportunities available in selling their art. Their intuition has sabotaged through their own self-image.

What we do in life we may see aspects that we are very intuitive and perspective and yet it is good to look at the areas that we are weak in and there is little positive movement. These are the areas that we cannot see beyond our limitations and judgments of ourselves and therefore our intuition and abilities to receive our limited or blocked. The more we can see the emotions that are associated with our blocked areas and begin resolving those stories our self-image and intuition will begin to grow in that aspect.

Being good in one thing is only a doorway to appreciate ourselves in this aspect of our life as well as see our own limitations that inhibit us from going even farther. So it is a good to appreciate our intuition, creativity and accomplishments in an area of our life and then question what needs to be developed beyond it? What is limited in me, that I am judging that if I transformed it would expand my greatness even more?

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