Introduction for Body Consciousness

Introduction for Body Consciousness
body consciousnes
By Bart Sharp

Body Consciousness a life of being internally aware.

We have a variety of choices in what we can ask for life.

Some people ask and pray for abundance and a life of material security. Other people request a blessed life where God gives them the grace of love and joy. Others live in fear with their mental activities of worry, fear, anger, addiction etc. creating a life of reaction to their feelings.

There are those who ask and pray for clarity, to proceed deeper into the mysteries of themselves in life. They have an insatiable curiosity to see in such expanded consciousness they will take any adventure to get down to their target. Even if the journey is to see the darkest parts of themselves and have it confront them because they seek the deepest purity of self. They are willing to have the stamina to continue as each darkness uncovered they see the purest joy of being whole and then know it is worth all the work taken.

A life of Body Consciousness is seeking a direction from within, our body. Life has an original direction.

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