Increasing Creativity, Body Consciousness

Increasing Creativity, Body Consciousness


By Bart Sharp

Being creative is a process and a moment to moment connection to a greater spark inside of us, our body consciousness. When we are living in this creative spark we are in synchronicity with much more than our individual self, it is in communion with others, and a higher power beyond/within us. Great ideas emerge when we have a balance of our intellectual capacities in areas we have developed and a closer relationship of the creative space. We can step into the creative space at any time, sometimes by accident and sometimes with intention. It is an unpredictable place where great ideas come in. Below are some ideas of what makes creativity and the creative space happen.

You may have predictable routines but do not predict the outcomes of your activities. Be aware in the moment of any awareness to rise while you do the normal things in life. Routines are beneficial as they keep the mind busy and a part of our awareness can step into another place. We need to be aware of what’s going on inside of us why we do our mundane tasks, much like a meditation we are consciously aware of thoughts coming in. They will appear more readily when we practice an awareness to receive them.

Routines are generally a low stimulus action. It is good to have part of your life where you do the mundane. The brain goes into a quieter, alternative thinking place. It allows the other parts of us to emerge. A common example is people having worked on a problem for an extended period of time but cannot find the insights to complete it. Then when they are taking a long hot shower, an idea pops into their mind. They are doing something, they do every day that is pleasurable and the hot water most likely relaxes the tension. These are some of the key components to opening us to spontaneity; routine, intention, something pleasurable the body likes, and the mind does not have to think too much about the task itself.

Always keep something to record your thoughts handy. It may be a notebook or tape recorder. When we are in a spontaneous space thoughts arise in an energy that is nonlinear, therefore they are harder to remember. These thoughts are only there for the moment and if we do not record, all too often they are lost. We are dancing in the place where intuition and spontaneity come from, when these innovative, creative thoughts appear. People who have these regularly often forget how they happen and what occurred. It is the other side of the brain, connecting to the body and a greater space beyond when these creative impetus appear. Writing or recording in some way takes it to the other side and into the logical thought processes. It’s a wonderful way of body consciousness balance.

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