Increasing Creativity, Body Consciousness, 3

Increasing Creativity, Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

Being creative is a process and a moment to moment connection to a greater spark inside of us, our body consciousness.

Ask questions wherever you go, be curious about the world around you, and judge none of it. Living life in questions and curiosity open awareness and possibilities. They are like planning seeds in the universe, we simply are not certain when these will spring out and grow. Every time we judge we close off a part of our world and awareness. We create a little bit of density inside of us where the judgment is held. Judgments have many ways they are created and it is a constant discipline not to use them. In any situation look at it in neutrality and detachment. It can be looking at a situation and saying to yourself, “I wonder what is going on there?” Or. “I wonder what that is like?” As soon as we question we open to a lighter form of perception, creation flourishes when we think in lightness.

Emanate positivity to others. When we strive to look at the positive side in a situation we are building energy in the relationship. Something grows that is supportive and we create the possibility of a better relationship with two (people) energies working together instead of apart. Minds and bodies work together on conscious and unconscious levels; when there is harmony between individuals, their ideas prosper from the supportive environment. Instead of reacting to people, question to yourself, “What is required of me to nurture a positive atmosphere between us?” It will open your awareness so you will know what to do and say to create the best environment.

When listening to others ask the question, “What is it like to be in their world?” We are opening to really hear what is going on in their lives. This type of questioning opens us to perceive them in our heart awareness instead of the limiting thinking of our mind. The rule is, never judge anything they say and do. Instead, open to perceive what it was like to be them.

It is ultimately what everyone wants, to be perceived as themselves. Most the time people perceive other people through their own experiences, it creates an opportunity for judgment and separation. Listening with our hearts to others and being willing to perceive them more intimately creates a greater bond of trust and awareness. We get the gift of really receiving them as they truly are. We wipe out such judging attitudes as comparison and competition. Instead, we receive unity and communion with another. In this trusting environment our energies will grow with that person more dynamically therefore the ability to have creative ideas multiply and will increase exponentially. Two becomes more than two.

Creation works best in an open-ended point of view. Remember you have choices where ever you go in life. Take what you like and leave the rest in gratitude you are given this time to play.

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