Increasing Creativity, Body Consciousness, 2

Increasing Creativity, Body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

Being creative is a process and a moment to moment connection to a greater spark inside of us, our body consciousness.

Always know what is on your front burner of ideas. Announce to yourself what are the important things you wish to have a priority in creating.body Consciousness

For example, if you are an artist the front burner may be seeing the world in the perspective of art pieces. A writer would have their favorite stories. A mother, would be thinking of how to teach her children and create a more loving home environment. Not only are we becoming a power to see new ideas come into our lives, we are creating a power to manifest these things as well. I just make a simple note to my body what is important right now for me to create and then I make sure I schedule enough time to stay focused on these projects. This is an invitation for a greater consciousness than my mind to come into the picture. We are requesting our body consciousness, something more than our mind, to participate. For those who are easily distracted to the degree they never seem to get anything done or created; this maybe the beginning training ground to having a greater focus.

The universe rewards immediacy. When you have a good idea, feel how you expand The universe rewards immediacy. When you have a good idea, feel how you expand when you think about it. If the excitement of the possibility feels highly expansive inside of you it is a signal this idea has the potential of something much greater. When we are in this expanded state of being; the best way we can support it is by taking action. To get busy making it happen in some way. Begin with the first step. The energy is there not only in our body consciousness but from something greater than us to support us. It is like we are not working alone and whatever we create has a greater power to succeed.

If something is bothering you, resolve it. The dilemma is taking your life force energy into a place that is negative or numb. Our energy goes into the denser situation instead of stepping into the creation of something greater. Of course, if something is confronting us we cannot run away from it. It is there to teach us something most likely that is why we have to find resolution in some way. Something that we push aside and repress becomes a weight in our lives. Living in high creativity mode is similar to flying; we best soar when we carry little.

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