In Becoming A Greater Space Of Consciousness

In Becoming A Greater Space Of Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

Have you ever met someone when in their physical presence, a close proximity or a simple hug your whole body expands. Transference is happening of their lighter energetic body opening yours to a bigger space in the moment of your interaction. You may walk away

feeling a little high or a more positive feeling within from the experience as the space within you is opened.

You may wonder, how did that person become a higher being? Were they born that way? Did some alien or etherical being adjust them? Did they do years of meditation? Or did they go in some other extreme path to obtain a higher consciousness? Or were they simply “raised right” by their parents?

It may not be a simple answer as there are many ways to evolving to a higher state of being.

The energetic body, or the space that is held within the frame of our physical body is a makeup of our experiences (in this lifetime as well as others). It is our cellular memory, being who we are as energetic beings. If we have a life of stress, anxiety, anger we are recording those memories in our cellular structures. It becomes our energetic makeup. Just as a life of unconditional love and acceptance creates another body reality altogether.

So many of us in Western society were raised with negative situations such as: physical punishment as a way to teach lessons, parents who could not love themselves or others, being controlled by parents and a variety of other imposing character defects that taught us a limiting belief system. We hold those lesser and more dense belief systems within us.

If we are trying to expand into a lighter being because we have been inspired by teachers, gurus or other evolved beings the path may be slow as we are trying to use meditative tools as our primary source to get there. Using meditation or invitation of higher energies to change us has great benefits but it may not be the most direct way to transform those pains of our childhood stored away in our cellular structures. Those energies need to be addressed directly and then meditations will have an easier path in transforming our life.

If we take an emotion like anger and perceive it as the energetic presence within our body we may see that we hold much anger in a place like our colon and small intestines. There the anger exists as a density in the cellular memory of that particular area. It may be around our heart as we have lost hope and have become angry about the lack of love in our life. Anger can be stuck in a variety of places for different reasons. When it is released the storage of those memories loses its energetic density and the body becomes a lighter space a better conduit for transformation. Then when we began using a meditation or activation there is a place in our body that can receive it in a more profound way.

In general, if a person has a childhood that is happy and fulfilling they would have a different experience acclimating to higher vibrations than a person with a highly traumatized childhood. However, in my experience, most people have traumas and emotional challenges in some way. The pain of our limitations are important because it motivates us to change and shows us the darker side of ourselves. In some ways our limitations will always be a part of us but we do not need to hold the density of the traumas only the lessons it has presented to us. As we resolve these aspects we will find they are great inner gifts and emotional transformations as we are able to perceive deeply into aspects of their lives that few can, we maybe the greater space others are inspired by.

Many people in western society who have evolved to a greater place have done the work of self-introspection of their beliefs and the emotions connected to them. Then the pleasure of finding a greater peace within through meditations, being expanded by the high vibration in others or sacred places these experiences have an easier and more accessible way to change us.

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