If We Let Go Of Anger, What Would We Become In Emotional Transformation?

If We Let Go Of Anger, What Would We Become In Emotional Transformation?
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By Bart Sharp

If we could let go of anger, fear and shame of our past, what would we become in our emotional transformation? Something greater than we could imagine, more infinite. We would begin to recognize the god-like being we truly are.

There are people that have actually done it. I like to think of saints and evolved spiritual masters such as: Ghandi, The Dalai Lama, Ammachi, Sister Teresa, Saint Francis Of Assisi and many others.

Each of these masters had their individual paths to evolving. Not all the lessons were a lesson with god although a connection to a higher power is part of the process for almost everyone. One common trait that all of these people had is that they had to shed the human condition that the mental side created with their ego. In that process there was a disconnection from their past emotions to their daily life. A good example would be Nelson Mandala, he had to learn how to let go of his own anger of the white men that imprisoned him to find his own freedom while still in prison.

Somewhere is the process of confronting, resolving and forgiving our distressed emotional world we open to real freedom. We step out of the linear judgmental world that entraps billions to letting go of the real chains in this reality (anger, shame and fears). When we shed our judging self we open to the greater awareness that is the road to the infinite and divine.

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