I Don’t Care, Body Consciousness

“I Don’t Care” Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

“I Don’t Care” are three of the most disempowering words in our language of Body Consciousness. People use “I Don’t Care” in a state of denial all too often, they create tiny lies to distance themselves from something they may actually care about to turn off their relationship with their Body Consciousness.

From the perspective that all humans are functioning in a higher power or infinite self when they say “I Don’t Care” we are opposing the reality of our greatest potentials. We are contradicting something internal that is possessing our greatest powers of self. An infinite being would have caring and love for all of life, this is the essence that we really are. An infinite being would know each individual is connected to everything, altogether creating something greater than the individual. Since we are connected to everything it is part of us in some way.

We are all interconnected, the Hawaiians say we all share the same breath therefore we are all one. When we become aware of what the consciousness of a concept of immense we are all connected together. “We are all one and share the same breath.” It is a reality perceiving how we are all connected is one. To know such an awareness is to know higher form of love. We are bonded in a higher form of love through your hearts yet few are able to perceive what this actually feels like, to be so expanded in something so immense.

In a beautiful state that we are a part of everything using the words “I Don’t Care” is the opposite of the state of a greater love within self that is connected to all. The statement denies and misdirects us from living in a greater state.

For most everyone there is an ignorance of how disempowering “I Don’t Care” actually is. It is a denial of all of what we are. To not care in many contexts says we do not have an interest for something, it is a state of detachment. This is a healthy perspective as we are making a preference.

There are other aspects of “I Don’t Care” where there is an actual emotional charge to the situation. We may actually care but we state we do not care. “I Don’t Care” is used as a defensive mechanism.

If we see a street person who appears sickly on the corner it is easy to be defensive and for some may be offended by the presence. There is an attitude of “I Don’t Care” projected onto the person. Whereas if we recognize the awareness of “We are all connected” it would awaken a feeling of compassion for this person. For many people, to feel for this person would be too much. They might begin to feel what it is like sickly and destitute like the street person may be living or they might feel guilty because they cannot help this person.

To not care is the defensive position to shield us from our feelings. It might be more expansive to wish the homeless person the best, send a small prayer. However, we can love them in some way as a fellow human being but not be obligated to help them. To be detached, yet love them. When we turn off our allowance of them we turn something off in ourselves. Even those we do not like, we can disagree with them but not be trapped into a judgmental point of view. We can simply disagree with them and spend our energy promoting what we find more expansive instead of being drained through our angry ravings.


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