How Does A Negative Emotion Serve Us

How Does A Negative Emotion Serve Us
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

It is only strong because we have a polarity or opposition to it.

It has most likely given us an opportunity to learn a lesson. It is likely somewhere in our consciousness, we set it up to happen.

We clear the polarity or duality then we can then have an awareness of what the negativity is there to serve us in greater consciousness. In some way we chose duality of negative/positive therefore acceptance of our unconscious guides us to realize a greater consciousness through integrating our limitations with the present consciousness. We have the power of the negative and positive working together instead of a duality. Eliminating duality opens us to a greater perspective.

With judgments of duality, bring us to a two sided point of view otherwise we could perceive much more beyond the two points of view. The positive works harder to separate or overcome the negative aspects. We waste energy from our greater being as well as our physical energy. Thus there is not a power of an inner self to create our life from. We are creating from force, the logical side of our consciousness and missing the greater wholistic functioning we could have without the judgement of negative emotions.

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