Hopes And Dreams For 2018

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Hope And Wishes For 2018

Every year I address some aspect of the upcoming year, in a type of prediction, whether it be feeling into the year ahead, seeing where psychic abilities will grow next or something more irrelevant. This year’s concept is exploring where I hope people will evolve to. Maybe this will resonate with you as you consider the directions you wish to improve in.

*We have the courage to take the next steps in creating our greatest dreams. Creativity thrives in a new way. We see the urgency in discovering who we are as a necessary part of healing the planet and ourselves.

*We learn to say “no” in some way/s to what dissatisfies us in a strong but non-aggressive way.

*We learn to love in a way that does not control over others but practices love that facilitates the best for all.

*We serve others in a new joy and love for humanity.

*We recognize we can contribute to a world that is safe for people and the earth, we do little things and big things to make our concerns be actualized.

*Passivity seems to no longer make sense to us, it is a year to take action in what we are passionate about.

*We practice sending some level of love to all regardless to what they mean to us.

*We can recognize everyone has something to teach us, even those who upset us or we feel are dangerous.

*We grow plants, dreams, promote growth for others, celebrate victories of others as we all benefit from what evolves around us.

*Masculine and feminine grow from each other, passion of the feminine and strength of the male functions without wounds but in an excitement in the balance they have for each other.

*Television, video games and cell phones are less interesting.

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