Heart Consciousness, Body Consciousness

Heart Consciousness, Body Consciousness
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

The heart is an important aspect of body consciousness, it communicates so much inside and outside of us to change our lives. My heart influences me to focus on love instead of fear today.
When I think of the various outcomes of the future in fearing the worst possible outcomes. My mind is stimulated but my heart is sad.
On a road to higher consciousness I have made commitments to my body, heart and soul to always take the more expanded path. I asked something inside me to help me stay on this direction.
When my mind takes over by going into the future about the fears my heart begins to intervene, by giving me the discomfort of anxiety, headaches, distractions etc… It is a message there is an easier and better way.

I am on a path to thinking with my heart and what would it lead me to do?
*I have some form of compassion for those who are opposite of me, we may disagree but in the end we are brothers and sisters.
*Fear and anger shrink to a size that is easy to negotiate with because I do not look at them without reaction but with curiosity.
*I find a direction to take that is loving and easier than the force that invites force my mind and fears would guide me to.
*Instead I grow with knowing more possibilities are present, when I focus on life through my heart more possibilities rise as life comes to me. I am connected to something greater.

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