Healing Ugly Behaviors In The World

Healing Ugly Behaviors In The World
By Bart Sharp

It is best not react to the ugly behaviors in the world, to react is to judge it and in some ways we become the effect of it because we judge it. In this reaction we create a polarity that aligns us with the ugliness, if we see the ugliness as bad and we are good we have created a polarity and are likely to be stuck in that judging point of view. In a polarized reaction we actually attract the same vibration we are judging, this is a huge key in how we become stuck in life.

It is hard to move beyond it the judgement because once we use that type of mentality it is difficult to see beyond it. We will set ourselves up to being a victim or a persecutor in those roles whereas the best strategy with ugly behaviors is not to react to them.

For example, if there is a politician that seems to be unfairly manipulative and lies regularly, staying in a limited point of view is to judge them as a bad or ugly person (as most people do). Instead we could just say, “I do not believe in those values and I will advocate for something else.” We should place our energy into the advocacy instead of the polarity. To be an advocate we are making positive steps forward, to judge the ugliness will generally keep us in the place of entropy and duality. We are likely to stay in a conflict instead of moving to an empowering solution.

We give the negativity and ugliness only the necessary energy required for us to learn from them. They may have lessons but we do not have to learn the lessons through judgment, in fact the more we judge them we have less clarity about the situation. It is important to question what our relationship to these people who do ugly, brutal and uncaring things in the world. In a way we are part of their reality because we are all part of this world. In some way we are reacting to them otherwise they would not have caught our attention so strongly.

In this scenario we are in the matrix of good guys fighting bad guys, except the other side likely thinks the other side are the bad guys as well. We will never step beyond this matrix of thinking until we raise ourselves above the vibration. We begin the next step by not judging them but looking at them objectively.

To begin to look into the world with detachment, curiosity and wonder what pain are they experiencing that moved them to do such ugly things. When we begin to see the pain we can wonder have we ever been that kind of person? Have we done similar things in our past, had done to us, or experienced in another lifetime? We can see our connection to their reality and values we can begin to separate from our established judgments. Healing can be a part of your relationship with the ugly person even if it is an indirect one, it will change us and open the potential of this other person to change.

We might even be able to see where their pain is when were able to be clear of our own pain. We might even decide to pray or bless them in their pain. To hold them in the light of allowance or forgiveness. We are on the steps of having a clarity of how the dynamics of duality ourselves and others work. If this person is a world leader, we are beginning to change the collective consciousness of a bigger conflict.

All too often when we have big problems in the world that seem overwhelming we can create a reality of shame, a feeling that we are powerless in changing these huge issues. When we are able to see our part and address these feelings of helplessness that shame may be influencing us to believe we begin to create a reality of empowerment. We become a wave of the collective consciousness that believes that we can change the ugliness in the world. It is one step forward in being more aware in our personal life that makes the changes possible in the bigger picture.


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